Quick Hospital Story

Yesterday Mike & i took trip to the Hospital hoping to coming home with a baby.
It all started Saturday night...
I started to have consistent contractions with a little pain. but after being on my feet all day i didn't think much of it.
Sunday morning my Contractions were still consistent but not very strong so we went to church. During Sacrament we timed them and they started getting stronger. I had to play the organ so i didn't really want to think about the contractions (I don't think Titus likes me playing, that or he LOVES it cause he would kick and move like crazy when i would play.) My Conractions were starting to take my breath away in sunday school so we timed them and they were 3 to 5 min apart. After sunday school we decided it would be better to be safe then sorry so we went to the hospital.
While at the hospital they checked me & i was at a 1 and 70 % Effaced. They monitored me and Titus for a while. Everything was going good so they decided to let me eat and start walking (to help get me to a 4. four is the magic number to be moved over to Labor & Delivery). Mike and I walked the Hospital for 2 HOURS. I had to do exercises during my contractions so every 3 mins we would stop and i would do my weird exercise.
After the two hours we went back up to the Labor & delivery ER to be checked again and SADLY we were still at a ONE. They sent us home... and so today i am going to be doing my exercises, Clean and keep busy.

Mike is getting so excited and had been texting me every chance he gets to see if my contractions have gotten harder. So i better get off my butt and start Squatting so this little man can be on his way.. We will keep you all updated.


Chelsey said...

What a bummer! Hopefully he will decide to come soon.

Kikal said...

That is disappointing, but I'm glad you are both healthy and ok!

Mckenna said...

SAD! Well at least I can come see you soon! I bet he'll be coming sometime this week for sure!!!!!!!