Awesome Husband!

So i need to brag... My husband is the best!
          I think i facebook about him at least once a week.
I don't know what i would do with out him... Especially now that Titus is almost here.
          Yesterday while i was at work all day he cleaned up the office/Titus' room, did the dishes AND         helped/made  dinner (i had to get visiting teaching done so Brooke if you read this we got it done!) for me, his brother & himself and it was really good.
Mike did my Dream proposal with out me even telling him! how awesome is he!
           He Lets me cuddle him and hug him when i'm not feeling well. He ties my shoes, cause i can't bend over to do it anymore. He doesn't let me carry anything heavy, he would get mad at me if i started running for my work outs. He loves Feeling Titus move and likes to move him around in my belly.
Mike Helped me get this degree ( along with my parents) Mike Helped me did my Stats homework, Helped me with Chemistry, And Anatomy.
He always surprises me at Christmas with something that i really wanted but never really expected to get...
          Like this year he got me an awesome sewing machine! i don't think he realized that now i have to get fabric and spend money on fun projects for him and Titus... (good thing is he likes to pick out fabric with me)

Mike gave me flowers, DARK chocolate, and took me on our first date for our 1 yr Dating Anniversary.

My Anniversary Present last year! I was so excited that i didn't have to knead the bread in a bowl on the floor anymore. This this has saved my wrists so much pain.
              He doesn't mind that i got him Church Socks & a pillow for Christmas ( he is so hard to buy for because he likes computer stuff so i let him get a printer also that he could pick out)
He is so great with kids (doesn't surprise me) but i love watching him with our nieces & nephews.

Baby L Sleeping on Mikey
          He is a big Teddy bear and so funny. Baby L & Kambri would cuddle with him all day if they could.
Last year Franky loved to tell mike stories before he fell asleep.
          Just watching him with the kids makes me so excited for when Titus gets here. I might have to fight with Mike to feed Titus just so i can hold my own baby. He just loves kids.
Em & Banana when Mike went for a Visit a Few years ago.
I'm Sure He hates it when i talk about him but this is the best way for me to document how awesome he is. I can't ever stay mad at him cause he just has the most handsome face. He also makes me laugh and i always forget what i got mad about.
Look at that Handsome Face!
 He is very protective of me, he always tells me when to take a break from cleaning or being on my feet, He doesn't like me driving anywhere by myself (like when i went to my parents by myself over Christmas... that is a story for another time)
once again.... we have so much fun in the car.
He Has an AMAZING voice! I could listen to him sing all day!
He is so friendly. sure he does it jokingly sometimes but he waves at almost everyone when we are driving down the road.
We had so much on our Honeymoon honking & waving at random people on the Freeway...
He is SO FUNNY. i think everyone would agree with me, he is always up for a crazy game of something interesting at my Parents house. He always gives us a good laugh with the crazy voices & sounds he makes.
Mike on his mission i remember seeing this picture on his facebook when we first started dating. I had to meet this goofy guy!
He is always pulling some kind of weird face...
I just love this guy. He is going to be an awesome example to Titus. He is an amazing example to me.

Love ya Miker!


35 weeks!

Here i am board at work....
    So i'll update you on how baby Titus is doin!
I don't have pictures from Christmas on my computer yet so that will have to wait for another post.
This is 35 weeks only 5 more to go!
The Dr. says that i am measuring smaller than normal.
(my thoughts: I'm smaller than normal doc. & he is in a different position every time.)
We go in for an ultra sound on the 5th to see how everything is going. On the 7th we go to a  Dr. Appointment & from here on out we go every week... So exciting
I can't wait to have this little guy here... I'm getting use to the Braxton  Hicks Contractions. My Ribs hurt but i have awesome SIL's who told me to put ice on it to get him out of them.  (it worked like a charm)
Last night sleeping was tough i don't know if it was because of Titus, Mike or the fact that i had to get up at 6. His room still needs to be cleaned up... and organized. but everything is coming together, Soon this little guy is be blessing our lives and making us the happiest Parents ever!


December Where did you go?

This month fells like it has gone by so fast!
Mike has been busy studying for his finals and is now DONE for the semester!
I have been waiting patiently for this baby who doesn't come for another 45 Days... We love this little guy already! He is a mover for sure, I feel bad he doesn't have room to stretch out because I'm so short (& i swear my ribs are bruised from the inside.) Here i am at 33 weeks... I am tired, my feet are sore, & i cry over the most RANDOM things. Good thing i have an awesome husband who is here for me when i have my break downs.

Well the First few weeks of December have gone by so fast. The first weekend we went home to Price for my baby shower. We got some super cute stuff and lots of it. Titus is going to be the cutest little guy ever. ( i mean come on he has mike as a dad)
Sorry but i didn't take any pictures of the shower, my sisters did but i haven't gotten the pictures from them.
The Weekend after that we went on a carriage ride & a Voice Male concert with the Terry Crew.
 Mike, Christa, Russell, Em, Banana, Theresa, Kelly, & Kenna on our Carriage Ride.
 Mike & I with the lights. I really should find a new angle to take pictures.
An awesome picture mike took...
Mike and i on the Carriage ride, i have to point out mikes " 'stach" he has to  be one of the best uncles ever. He grew it out for his nephew "the Boy" for his 5th Birthday.

My Husband is an awesome Photographer. I played with this picture but the original is awesome-r.
See...(note this pic was taken in November when there was snow)


Larissa Christmas list...

I guess it's time to make  my Wish list for Santa... with Ty coming at the end of January i want to get a few things for him.

This is more for me then for Ty but it will have all his stuff...
 Or this one... They are both super cute & not to expensive.
 This will be nice to have when we go to Grandma & Grandpas house....
 He will need a Comfy little bath.

& this will be nice so I can get things done around the house while he sleeps. 


25 days till christmas, 31 days till new years & 60 days till Titus!!

Now that it is December (finally!), our tree is up (smells SOOOO great!), my blog is red & green, & i'm 7.5 months pregnant it's time for a quick update with some pictures!

Here i am at 30 weeks... i am starting to feel Pregnant
My Ribs are sore, I can't bend down & i am so tired.
I am so glad i am still fitting in my pre-pregnant clothes, 
But soon i think i'll start wearing more comfy pants & 
 shirts that don't make me look as fat.

On the 14th, Mike & i went down to Cedar City to see this Beautiful little girl.
This is Miss Kambri Claire, Courtney & Brandi's pride & joy!

me & kacylia hanging out during the luncheon. 
 karina, courtney holding kambri, kacyila, & larissa 
( wow once again i'm the only La)
 Mike with Kambri 
seeing Kambri Made us so excited to have Titus!
 me & kambri
all the kid-o's 
(i love how mike trying to look shorter.
& i am NEVER standing next to Brandi again she is so SKINNY!)

over thanks giving we cut down our tree with the Terry Clan. Since we have a small apartment again we got a small tree. (plus small trees have more room to grow so they look better)
 Mike getting the tree ready to be cut.

 Looking Manly holding the Chain Saw...
(hand saws are over rated)
 Victory is ours! 
(with once quick burst of power this tree was down.)
Showing the tree to scale. 
So little but it takes up so much room in our little apartment.
I'll post a picture of the decorated tree when my living room is clean.

So i have to share this wonderful news...
I WON this awesome stuff from GOOD THINGS UTAH. 
( who would have thought that leaving a comment 
on facebook & being lazy in the morning would pay off)
The Bow & Wreath are from Tie Pan Treading
The Pj's are from Carters ( they were to big so i got $30 in store credit for ty)
& the Soap is from Bath & Body...


Halloween & 27/28 weeks... YAY!

 We will do a quick picture blog... because i don't remember what we have done ... mainly school and work i guess... Here are our awesome Halloween cookies... we had fun decorating them. We made a ton so we shared with my cousin and her Hubby.

 Ty's Room / mikes office has been driving me crazy with all the cords and tools mike has so finally i took these boxes...&

 Organized his cords & tools... Ty's room is ALMOST ready for him... but we still need to get a ton of stuff.
 We went to Price for Halloween...
Here are our awesome trick-or-treaters 
Kenna from the Blue man group/smurfs... 
Banana & em as 2 of the 3 Barbie Musketeers...

 Me carving our pumpkin...

Some of  The Pumpkins at the Terry's 

 While the Kids went trick-or-treating we
(mike & me Vs. Mama & Papa Terry)
Played a quick game of Canasta..
 Our awesome Pumpkin....
we are going on 28 weeks tomorrow (sunday)
we went to the Dr. on friday and everything is going great! we heard Ty's heart beat and he was moving like crazy! I have to start taking it easy on my work outs because of his weight but that is ok...I also did the Glucose Test.. It wasn't that bad, I downed the "syrup" we hung out around the Hospital for an hour for them to draw my blood.  I haven't heard anything from the Dr. so hopefully that is a good thing.  We also get to  start going ever two weeks it's crazy we are getting this close to having Ty. We are super excited for him to join our family...


100 Days and Counting!

I am so excited we only have 100 days left till little TITUS JOSEPH gets here. Those 100 days will be spent working, Shopping for Christmas, Spending Time with Family for the Holidays, a few more volleyball games, A LOT more school & studying, a baby blessing for miss Kambri Ivory, and who knows what else!

Not much has been going on this week.
Mike has been busy with school, like really busy it seems like. He is such a good student. Studies as much as possible, gets all his assignments done in time, and Still has time to cuddle me.  Me... I've been working every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It's a good way to get out of the house and earn some Money. I am still physically active and get to the gym when i can. After Hiking Arches though my Legs were killing me, but i think that was carrying 15 extra pounds around hiking.  Ty is kicking everyday, i love to watch my belly move and feeling him kick. Mike always gets excited when he feels him kick. We go to the Dr. on the 5th so i can take that NASTY orange drink stuff... not looking forward for that but excited to hear his heart beat. Mike wants another ultra sound so we can see the little guy.
After Kambri (Courtney & Brandi's little girl) I have gotten so excited to see Titus and to hold him and dress him in his cute clothes. I still have so much to do before he gets here but i have 100 days to do all that. his quilt is almost done! I'm still Fitting in my "pre-Pregnancy" clothes which is nice. I am carrying kind of high so my pants still fit great. Shirts are starting to get tight but i LOVE sweaters, so now that it is getting colder all my sweaters look great!.


Fall Break!

Mike's fall Break was this last week so we spent sometime in Price with our families. I had to work so i didn't get to join in the fun till Wednesday. Amie and Baby L where in for a visit i'll have to get their pictures up next post... On Saturday we went to Arches ... Mike has never been before so we thought i would be the perfect timing before i got to big.

 Getting ready to hike...
 Me and  Kenna at Landscape Arch.
 Mike and I at the Tunnel arch
 Mike and Kenna at Skyline arch.
 Sand Dune arch was the place to hang out... but we got this awesome pictures of the sand.
 Delicate arch from a distance (3 miles didn't sound like fun to me)
 Mike and I at Double arch.
 We wore Kenna out...
Me 25 weeks Pregnant and still movin... haha