Good Bye February.. Hello March (already?)

We went to visit Grandma Meyer for Presidents day weekend... i forgot to take pictures while we were at grandmas but we did get them on the way home and on the way there.

He was pretty excited to ride in his new car seat. 
He has a hard time sleeping so we prop his head with Pillow Pets & coats.
On the way home we stopped to see the Brigham City Temple. 
We needed to Stretch our legs. 
Our little family.. 
The other day Titus kept doing his funny little Smile i had to get it on camera again. 
And then he got Tired of it.. 

Mike is half way threw his Second to Last Class Semester and spring break is coming fast (thank goodness). I have been working and being a mom like always. This summer i get to be a full time mom! i am so excited. & I have started to work out again (finally finding time) expcet tonight Titus thought it would be fun to Climb all over me while is was trying to do crunches... which ended in tears because i wouldn't just play with him..

Titus is Starting into his "toddler" stage. Climbing on his favorite chair (i'll get a picture of how he sits on it) 
He is getting very picky on what he eats and how he eats. 
He is starting to play by himself more (thank goodness.. Love the kid but i need to get things done too.


Looking back...

While i sat at work.. (being board out of my mind) i couldn't help reading my old posts ( i need to fix my pictures so i can turn my blog into a books someday.) I came across this post and had to Laugh.

I ready #24 and couldn't help but smile.
"24. I'm so excited to see where Mike gets to go to PT school. i hope he gets into Utah but anywhere will be good for us. It's not for another year but it will be fun to see how things play out for us."

Crazy how 3 yrs. can change things. Here we are at the U with 1.5 years left to go with PT school. Who knows where we will be after this. I'm sure no matter where we go after this we will be happy. Its just the process of getting there that i don't look forward to [finishing school, finding a job, finding a new place to live, packing, making new friends, setting up house again.] ... well there are some of my thoughts today.. kind of random but I'm trying to remember things like this.. 
A few things i want to start up now that Titus is 1 & that the weather should be getting warmer (fingers Crossed) ...
1: Popcorn, Smoothie, Movie Night (Sunday nights)
2: Walks after Sunday dinner (before Popcorn, Smoothie, Movie night)
3: Picnics (This would be fun cause now we have a "Picnic basket thing" from my brother)
4: Quick Treat Runs/walks to Dan's
5: Going to the Library more often (we haven't been going because I've been reading my books on My Kindle & Titus has So many books but is starting to get more into them) The Library has a Reading time every Tuesday & Thursday...

A few Random goals:
1. Start eating better
2. Start working out again. Since Church ball is over i'm kind of sad but i need to "keep Moving"
3. DE JUNK MY HOUSE! i say this every month but it needs to be done!
4. Be more diligent in my Scripture study.  Since i'm not teaching RS this month i have been slacking.
5. Spend more time with my boys.!


February Happenings...

Life has been pretty good lately.... Titus is getting more of a personality, Sleeping through the night, & Trying to grow. {stats from 12 month appointment: 28.5 inches (10%) 18 lb (5%).} We scored a sweet deal on his next Car Seat... $68 for a Car Seat that is an originally $200. Titus has been learning so much the past few weeks/days. He now Signs "all done".. His friends now ask if he can come out and play (it's so cute this little girl is 8 and LOVES Titus. She takes him down the slide carries him up and down the stairs Even thought he can climb up them. Her and her 2 younger siblings sit by him at church. They LOVE Titus) He also likest to draw on the chalk board (we painted the side of our dishwasher with Chalk board paint just for the heck of it)

Mike is enjoying(somewhat) school. there are a few classes (like every semester) that he could live with out. He has lost about 40 lbs. in the past 3 months. I am so proud of him, he is such a stud and has amazing self control. He has been using portion control & exercise to lose weight & i have been cooking better to help him out. (but this week i did a 14 day Valentines thing and kind of threw that off.)

As for me... I'm just loving being a mom to a 1 yr. old & being a wife of a busy PT Student. I finally feel like life in "The Village" is where i want it to be. With my new calling I feel like i have reached out to others more. And with my friends i feel like i have people to talk to and people that i can count on to watch Titus or ask for help when i really need it. I have finally realized that it doesn't matter what people think of me, and that i need to stop over thinking things.

So here are a few pictures.
 I love this Happy kid & i can't wait for summer to get here so i can get a Tan.
 Chilling at the Gymnastics Meet. The Red Rocks (The U) Vs. BYU.
 Just Chilling
Sold Out Show.
 Yummy Chicken Noodle Soup by Rachael Ray.. recipe found here..
 Dinner rolls found at the same link.
 My Handsome Little Man.
 Sleeping like a champ. After i took this picture i realized that he is not a baby anymore...
 Such a Happy boy. 
Waiting to go out side. He Loves to play out side. 
 Just Playing.

 He Loves to Give Kisses.
 Looking like Daddy. Titus has more hair then dad though.
 I was loading the dishwasher one day  and Turned around to find him sitting on the door. I wanted to get mad but it was just to funny.
Afterwards he helped me close the dishwasher(like always) he was so proud of himself.