Are we sisters or what?

So looking through my sisters MANY pictures on facebook 
I came across this one 

And it reminded me of this one...

I thought "holy crap"
I never thought Karina & I looked that much a like
People always confuse Me with Kacylia or Kacylia for me.

It's crazy how even our Volleyball Skills, Mannerisms and such are so much alike.

Next time I'm home I'll dig out some of my volleyball pictures to show just how much a like we are...
(even our coaches get us confused- weird thing is ... I never played for her coaches.)

So good luck to my little sisters this volleyball season...

(Random i know but i'm pregnant so that is my excuse...)
PS.. another random thing... my number during volleyball was 16, Kacylia's is 8 and Karina's is 4... 
Kacylia half-ed me & Karina Half-ed Kacylia... Weird....


Larissa's Baby Project List....

Come September 10th we will know if we are having a boy or a girl, So all my fun projects that i have planned will begin.. here are a few of my ideas...

A Puff Baby Quilt.

A Crib Bumper Pad

A Puff Pillow
(I'm also planning on making this  into a  seat cushion for our rocking chair.)

Cute Little Onesies.

Binky Clips 

Burp Cloths 
( Made with Cloth Diapers)
A Hooded Bath Towel.

Receiving Blankets 
(Tons of these)
January/ February will be cold for the little one so..
how about a few Beanies.

Now that i have enlightened you on my many upcoming projects 
what do you think my Color scheme needs to be....

Blues, Greens & Browns for a boy
Pinks, Purples & Creams/Browns for a girl


Camping & Family

 The Last weekend in July we went camping with our ward at our Bishops cabin up in Scofield. it was so much fun. We got there around 5 o'clock  and ate some amazing ribs. We went for a four-wheeler ride and chatted with the ward members. Saturday we woke up at, get this, 6:45 yeah no joke. 
           Funny story : A little boy who had never been camping in Utah woke up WAY early. when he            emerged from his tent he said, "Wake up everyone, it's beautiful out here." 

He was right, it WAS beautiful!

and ate this. Has-browns & Sausage.
We also had pancakes and eggs :D
The awesome people who made breakfast. 
Mike Helping with the Boat.
 A view of the lake.
Us taking a ride on the boat

The next week Mike had his first Finals week at the U.
He is so smart, He got straight A's! but the excitement of being done with the semester
was cut short by two nasty wasps.
While he was trying to unlock his bike after his last test, they went in for the attack.
He was stung twice on his right thumb.
We got the swelling down with some Ibuprofen and ice. (story to be continued)
We drove down to price to hang out with his sister who is visiting from Cali.
She made yummy Monte Cristos.
The Next day mike woke up to have his hand look like this.
His Right hand was swollen.
So we Doctored  him with Benadryl, Ice and Redmond Clay.
While Mike was resting i played with these little people
She is little miss Cheeser
And Lil. Rissa Loves her so much.
Her big brother and kenna had fun turning their hands green with Chalk
That night I made yummy Goyza's while mama terry made Fried rice (yum-o)
and for dessert...
Made by Kyla!
They were so good.
We always eat well when we go home to price.

Here i am at 15 weeks.
Just a little belly. Mike thinks this pictures looks like its from the 70's
because of my green shorts and our gold couch.
Anyways... I haven't had any morning sickness just minor headaches just before bed.
Ice packs for my neck are my new best friend.
Smells still get to me a little. But that is normal.
I'm kind of starting into my nesting stage. i have so many projects i want to do and
i want to get the baby's room started.
We find out what we are having in September so get ready for a poll to be posted soon.

A little about baby:
IT is about the size of a Navel Orange
weighs about 2.5 oz and is 4 ins. long.
IT is moving like crazy but you can't really feel it.
(even though sometimes i swear i can.)