2012 Goals

1. Read the WHOLE book of Mormon & keep a Scripture Journal.
2. Keep A Clean(er) house!
3. Exercise at least 3 times a week. (P-90x, Running, Yoga, Etc.)
4. Totally De-cutler the House
5. Teach Titus as much as i possibly can. (Shapes, Colors, Opposites, Numbers, Manners,etc.)
6. Come up with Fun (Cheap) Activities for Titus
7. Get Mike through Another year of school (1.5 years to go)
8. Keep a budget.
9. Eat Healthier
10. Be Better.

1.Get back down to PRE-Pregnancy Weight
I Made it down to 115
2. Do the Sprint LUNATIC TRIATHLON. 

Finished strong and Almost beat Mike 45 mins. (i think)
3.Keep things as organized has possible.
4. Find Cute Craft ideas to do for this little guy. 

I still have tonz to do but i found them 
5. Only be a "Social Pop Drinker"
6. Cook/Eat Healthier. 

Thanks  to Mike going on a diet just before the Holidays I got down to 115 & he got down to 257.
7. Be a better Journal Keeper.
8. Read the BoM! 

Started haven't finished.
9. Spend the weekends with Titus & Mike.

All the Time now i need to find more things to do.
10. Set weekly goals to accomplish..

Many More to Come