Enjoying Spring Break!

This past week was Mike's Spring Break!
we didn't do much because i had to work ...
Last weekend after i got off work we headed up to Idaho to visit Mike's Grandparents. His grandpa has Lymphoma and we wanted Titus to meet his Great-Grandpa. We helped out his grandparents and enjoyed each others company. His Aunt Corrine also come up (we didn't get a picture with her, dang it).

Mike Went back up to help Monday & Tuesday so Titus and I stayed home so Titus didn't travel to much. We took TONS of pictures for Mike. This was my Favorite...
Who couldn't love thous Cheeks
We got a lot done while mike was home.. My Pantry is Organized, Titus Closet is organized and my house is pretty clean. Pictures to come later... 
This weekend my sister had a volleyball Tournament in Salt Lake.We hung out with them friday night and Watched her play Saturday.. They did pretty good i believe they took second. 

(Small Story: When we took Titus out of his car seat a team of girls turned from their huddle and asked how old he was... they thought he was the cutest thing... Titus is already a ladies man!)

Titus Really likes his Bath Time.. He loves to talk to us and smile.  He is now almost the full length of the Sink, soon we will have to bath him in the tub.

 Our Little Froggy man.

He is almost 2 months old and is getting so big.. 
He now weighs 10 lbs. 5 oz and is about 22 inches long
He is a happy boy, He always smiles and talks to us.
He can sleep up to 5 hours a night. (SO nice)
He has his 2 month check up in a few weeks...
Shots aren't going to be fun


Growning So Fast..

Titus is now 1 1/2 months old. CRAZY! A few weeks ago we Blessed Titus in Price. He did awesome on the drive down. He slept the whole way and then slept 5 hours that night! i was so excited and amazed at how well he was doing with his first trip. Mike did an amazing job on the blessing and we had so much love & support from our families. Thanks to all who came.
Such a Handsome boy! He was such a good baby all day.
With my parents
With Mikes Parents
He is so cute.

I really like this picture with mikes mom.

Titus met his cousin on my side. Kam-bam is about 3 months older than Titus

Titus Started Crying and Kambri Started crying to show her sympathy

They did tummy time together.
Such a chubby baby...
He is such a handsome boy.
Titus has started to smile & talk to us.

Just to show you how little Titus is compared to mike..

He is so cute! this smile makes being a mom worth the sleepless nights, the loads of laundry, the piles of dishes, and the messy living room.
 See what i mean...
 Guess how much all this was....
For FREE!!! that is right folks. i know how to work the system at amazon.

 Oh we love this boy. 


Our Little Man is 1 Month old.

How fast time flies... (this post is a little late)
Being a mom is AWESOME! I love watching this little guy grow but sad that it is happening so fast.
This is Titus at 2 days old.
& here he is at 1 month...

 He is getting so big that he can sit on the couch now.. and is getting Chunky...

we already have him watching tv...

 Sometimes he can be so serious
 Other times he can be so silly
 He likes to help mom with Laundry

 He loves to sleep on mommy and Daddy.

 He is so handsome for church.

 Doesn't he look like his Dad
 Mike is the one being held by his dad.
Mike is on the Left.
 He likes Word Girl

 He loves his mommy can't you tell.
Don't you just love those eyes and that little smile.