100th Post! Graduation, 1 Year Anniversary & Move to Salt Lake

YAY for my 100th Post.
Well a lot has happened in the last 2 weeks 
I'll Explain through Pictures:
 This little Cutie was Visiting with her family. They Came to Mike and Scott's Graduation
Mike and Jeremy (they have been friends at USU for 3 years)
The Graduates and their Families (Amie, Scott, Baby L, Mike, Me)
The Monday After Graduation we Moved from Logan to Salt Lake. 
And since we had a lot more stuff then we thought we moved some of our furniture like this:
And This
So in the City we looked like this
our Little Vibe did really Well through the canyon.
It was Also our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary (more to come)
so we ate the top of our cake after we moved in... 
 Pretty Tulips at the Logan temple
The New Fountain at the Temple
An Awesome Family at the Temple
Oh: that is my family!
Jade, Rhett, Alex, Uncle Todd, Aunt Linda
Introducing: Mitch & Kelley Sandall
Friends of the Bride
Mrs.Terry & Mrs. Sandall
one of my Favorite Cousins!
Mike and I Chillin at the Luncheon. The Food was amazing!
Saturday we went to a Bees Game while Kenna was Visiting
We went with This Lovely Couple!
Kraig & Hailey Rasmussen (One of my Favorite Cousins)
Today While Mike was at his Orientation 
I Set up the Living room
And the Kitchen
And Now i am doing Laundry in my New WASHER!
Mike found this beauty on KSL for $100!

1 year Anniversary!

One year ago we said yes! 
this year has been the best year ever!
I couldn't have asked for a better husband!
I look forward to many MANY more years of 
and anything else that comes our way! 


Last Post from Logan....

Tomorrow we are moving to SALT LAKE CITY UTAH! 
I am so excited: for a new apartment New surroundings, and to start a new chapter in life... 
I am sad to leave: the "town" feeling of Logan, Scott- Amie- & baby L-Corrine, and to leave  our 1st little apartment (I really didn't love our first place but i didn't mind it..)

last weekend... (not mothers day weekend but the weekend before) 
We went to price to see Mike's sister from California. We haven't seen them since our wedding. The Girl and Boy have gotten so big. it is crazy. Here are some pictures or our trip.
Grandma Terry and The Girl
The Little Cheesy Girl
The Girl Loves "Nany" Aka Candy
She didn't like me to take her Binky

She isn't Sleeping but she liked to sit on me..

The Boy... nuf Said
The Girl "eating" her Binky

TODAY, Mike and i have been married for a year. It is crazy how time flies.
Here are our top 5 things of this last year:

1.We moved to Logan.
2.We spent a lot of time studying...
3. I got a Kitchen Aid for our Anniversary. (I am spoiled by my Husband)
4. Mike Graduated from Utah State.
5. Mike got into PT school at the U.

We aren't doing much for our anniversary (which is ok.) 
because we are moving, had Graduation, family, and 
Mike starts school next monday...

Pictures of this weekend and our move