being lazy.. this was supposed to be posted 2 weeks ago...

So lately i have had all the time in the world to blog and just haven't gotten around to doing it... Now that i have a job and will be on campus more often maybe I'll decide to take some time to blog... this blog is just mainly to let you all know that mike and i are still alive. We are loving it here in Logan and can't wait to go to price this weekend to see Kyla and her family and Russ and his family. I just got a job working at the NCRTM it's a national clearing house for people working with disabilities. so far i like it and am looking forward to just diving into work and getting a pay check:D. We haven't had any problems with flooding which is nice. i'm still waiting to get our wedding day pictures back and when i do i will post them so all can see :D.i guess i can post about our awesome hike we took last Wednesday. it was so much fun. Mike and i went up to the nicer part of Logan because we found a trail that we wanted to go on. well after early morning classes we weren't up for working out like we usually do so we decided to go for a hike. the skies where looking pretty scary but we really didn't care. so we got to the hike and made our way in to the Cloud. for real we went for a hike in a cloud it was so cool. we didn't go far and then it started to get misty i guess you could say... it wasn't really raining cause we were already in the cloud. but we went a little farther and then it started to rain. and they weren't little drops they were huge Logan rain drops! we stared running back to the car because i was afraid that we would get caught in a flash flood or something. as we were running down the mountain we were jumping over the trail because it was turning into a small stream. it was so much fun. we got back to the car and were soaked. so that was our little hiking adventure. Our shoes were soaked and that night we went and played softball with our ward.. lucky mike has another pair of running shoes.. not me so i had to play in wet shoes.. it wasn't bad i guess. we did win both games cause our ward is awesome... but i guess it's time for pictures.
the way it looked when we got there...
Mikey before we went on our hike of death
Us in the Mists of DarknessUs after the hike...

I'll post more about our house and what not... i have it written and mike has it saved somewhere i just need to find it.



To days is Mikes Birthday he is the BIG 24! we didn't do much this year but it's been fun. The other day we went to Scott and Amie's for a little party and Tom and Jamie came along.. it was so much fun. we made Nachos and Amie made some cake. We played Yahtzee and watched "Her come the Newly Weds" till Tom and Jamie got there, Then we played Catch Phrase.

but now because it is Mikes Birthday i well tell everyone

24 reasons why i love him:
these are in no particular order
1- he is super funny and keeps me laughing
2-He eats my cooking
3-He has this smile that i can't help but smile back
4-He honors the priesthood
5-He Respects Me
6-Keeps me on the right path
7-Loves me for me...
8-all his silly voices that he makes
9-how good he is with kids
10- How he is always worried about me when he is gone
11- The way he drove down every weekend just to see me
12-i love that he doesn't let things get to him
13-He cares about everyone around him
14-How he gets along so well with my sisters ( He does it better then i do)
15- how close we were even before we got engaged/married
16-How cute he can be when i'm sad
17-I love how we have so many little jokes between us
18-i love when he comes home at night after a long day at work and massages MY back and feet
19- i love how when we cuddle i feel so safe in his arms
20-i love that we always have a good time even if we are in a car for 11 hours
21-I love our story of how we met and all our Mile-stones
22-He always keeps me on my toes (in a good way)
23-I love that i get to be with him for the rest of my life, for Time and ALL Eternity.
24-I love Mike for who he is and who i know he will become.

I love you honey and i'm so glad you are mine. I really "beat the Jackpot" with you. We can make this "stick" because it's me and you and we never give up on what we went.