Day 7 – Your dream wedding.

My Dream Wedding took Place on May 9th ,2009 in Manti Utah where i was SEALED to the man of my dreams [my BEST FRIEND] for TIME & ALL ETERNITY! It wouldn't be to hot or to cold & the sun would be out ALL Day.
We had TONS of Support from our friends and Family...

My HUSBAND and I would have a prima-smile and be so happy we couldn't stop looking at each other.

My Dress would match my personality, My shoes would be comfortable and cute, and my Colors would match the season so well.

 (my brother couldn't believe that i would wear flats because my husband is so much taller than me)
(my Grandma did all my flowers..)
(Simple cake that was SOOO good.)

Our Parents/ Families were so happy (and excited that i made everything simple & easy to clean up.)

 We would be nice when we ate the cake.

 (of Course i got the BIGGEST piece and couldn't eat it)
 (we cut the cake Perfectly. everyone was so impressed)

We would have our first dance to "Better Together" by Jack Johnson.

 After Dancing & eating a little we Zoomed off in our Trusty Vibe!

 I would re-live my wedding day if i could i wouldn't change any of it.

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