So funny!

i love these things... except my brothers face got messed up...

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Pumpkins, Cookies, Football, and RED TOWELS ?...

So this week has been pretty exciting.. Mike has finished is PT applications :D so we should be hearing back soon. Well on to our week, Monday night we had Scott and Amie come over and carve PUMPKINS!! it was super fun. After pumpkins we made COOKIES. and they were so good. mike and i love to bake so that is what we do when we get board sometimes. like tonight we are attempting to make bread :D

Me cleaning out our 25 lb pumpkin. yes i need a step stool because our table is so high.

Mike finishing off my job... notice he doesn't need the stool. that is why he loves our table.

The artist at work.

Adding the awesome name.

The finished product. Ours is on the left Scott and Amie's is on the right..
Showing off the pumpkins.

All lite up:D he's getting kind of old now that is why his head is going weird.
This is the pumpkin we carved with my cousins kelley, Jade, and Alex.

Our awesome cookies
you had so many and they were so good... :D
oh and we got in a flour fight.... this is mike...

this is me... mike had enough of me throwing little things of flour at him so he took like a HANDFUL and wiped it in my face... it's all good... i still love him.

This weekend we stayed in Logan so we could "Study" but for real we did study and go to a football game and hang out with my cousins but we did study when we were somewhere else.
The AGGIES WON!!! now they are 2-more then 2. the score was 23-21.

Us at the game...
So today we found out that our kitchen rug really should be washed by itself. the Towel mike is holding is the towel we "died" red and the one on his lap is what it should look like. but it's all good we needed a variety in our towel collection.

Mike holding our awesome new/old towel

Mike and i are doing great. i just changed my major to Health Education with a minor in coaching/pe. we are both working hard in school and at work (sometimes) and are really excited for our next break. Next weekend we are going to STATE VOLLEYBALL to watch my sister play :D and then we are going to my grandpa ivory's 70th birthday party :D (just a preview to our next blog). hope everyone is doin great :D


Conference weekend... and the week after.

This last weekend mikes parents came up to visit. We hung out at the Hotel because we don't have cable at our house. It was awesome to sit and listen to the GA's and the Prophet speak. I love Hearing President Monsons Talks. He always tells the best stories. Elder Holland gave an AWESOME talk. He doesn't hold back on what he needs to say. We had tons of fun with Mikes parents.

Friday night we meet up with after Mikes misson reunion.

Saturday: We went to the Hotel for breakfast... watched the first session of conference and loved it even tough Me keena and mike were messing around the whole time... Maybe i shouldn't admit that. After we went TEXAS ROADHOUSE!!! the best place ever. mike and i would eat there everyday if we could. we didn't have the best experience with mikes food this time but we will still go for the rolls and peanuts! After lunch we went back to the hotel for the second session of conference and loved it too. after mike and i went home to get ready for the day finally. Mike and my FIL went to the Priesthood session, Kenna and my MIL went for a drive up the canyon while i studied. When the guys got back Mike, Kenna, my FIL, and I went to American West (a little farm south of logan) and Did a Corn maze and all the other activities there. We did the Corn Maze in 30 min and everyone there said it would take us an hour. After the corn maze, Kenna and i went on a Hay Slide. it was fun but not worth the hey i got in my shoes. We then did a Black out Maze. We hurried through it because they had hay and mike has really bad hay fever. After our Adventure at the Farm we ran to Wal-mart to get a few things for Conference Nachos and then went and got a treat from Arctic Circle.

Sunday: Once again we had Breakfast at the hotel. (got to love free breakfast.) we watched the First session of conference at the hotel then went over to Corrine's house for the second session. we had our conference Nachos :D and i slept more then i should have. After conference we went home to study and mikes parents went to see Amie and then were on their way home.

This semester i took the hardest class of my life. Physiology from ANDY ANDERSEN. for those of you who haven't heard of Andy Andersen. He is a Crazy Biology teacher here at USU. well needless to say i studied my butt off and still failed my first two tests in his class So i dropped the class. I would rather have a W on my transcript then an F. On a better note mike is so smart and passed his test from Andy. I'm thinking about changing my major from PE and coaching to Health Education with a minor in PE because i have less to do :D If i kept my PE major i would have to choose another minor and spend forever on that too so this is easier. but anyways

Mike and I are doing great. I love having him home at nights now. i love making dinner for him and then him coming home from work :D its awesome.

This weekend we are going to Clints wedding (mikes cousin). so we will HOPEFULLY have pictures up ... again HOPEFULLY. haha


Running and Chilling

So basically my Sister Kacylia Is awesome! Last weekend I went to watch my sister run in a Cross country meet at UVU. (Mike was hunting with my dad and grandpa) She did great and has more guts then i have... Her team took 6th out of 1A,2A, and 3A. I cant remember what place she came in but she did awesome. She also plays volleyball for the High school. I'm not sure what their record is now but they aren't doing to bad considering the change in coaching staff. She plays back row as a Defensive specialist and a libero. To add to her sports she is a 4.0 student and an awesome friend. I look up to here in so many ways.. (and not because she is BARELY, BARELY taller then me.) She has such class and she is so sweet. Who ever ends up with her as a wife they are a really really lucky guy and better treat her with the respect she deserves.

But back to the Running and Chilling part of the blog. I got to hang out with my other sister Karina and my mom while Kacylia was running. After the meet we went Shopping!!! i love shopping its nice to be with the girls. (plus mike benefits from it too. even if he doesn't want to admit it.)
We hung out with mikes family after mike got back from hunting. I love going down to price cause it brings back so many memories.

This weekend we went to Mikes mission reunion and was stuck in traffic for 2 HOURS!!!! it was crazy, i have never seen traffic backed up from Provo to Salt Lake. They say the traffic was backed up because of the BYU game. Which they won so it really wasn't worth USU fans to go down to Provo.
Mikes Parents came up to visit for conference weekend... i'll have more of that later cause conference weekend isn't over yet... haha
now here are some pictures:D