1 Awesome Year!

Yesterday was our one year Dating Anniversary. It's crazy how time goes so fast when your having fun. I can't speak for mike but it has been the best year ever. We have done so much and grown a lot in the last year. For our anniversary we went on our first date again. El Saltos and Watched a movie. But this time there was a little twist, Mike got me Flowers and DARK (INTENSE DARK) CHOCOLATE i love dark chocolate. I made a slide show of our many fun times over the last year. this isn't even half of them but it's all we had pictures of.


Spring Breaks!!

It's been a while since i have blogged. Our Spring Breaks started off with a trip to the Draper Temple for the open house. It was so pretty. I didn't get any pictures because i lost my camera :( (no worries i found over my spring break in my closet under my 26 pairs of shoes) After the Open house we went up to Logan to look for apartments. We found a few we like but they wanted people in before May. so we have to wait a while to go looking again. It was fun to spend the weekend up in Logan together. We then came home to Price. It was really nice to have mike home for a whole week. The next week was my Spring Break al i did was work and i didn't get to see mike. I went Shopping on Thursday with my mom for some wedding stuff. We got a lot done and we had fun. Friday Mike came home (once again) and we hung out. Saturday the 21st my sister had a track meet that Mike and I helped out with. It was fun to remember back to our "glory days" of high school track. Mike helped out with Discus and i Helped with High jump. It was sad the girls were jumping over me and the boys were jumping over Mike. it was crazy. My sister did an amazing job. She did the 100 hurdles, 300 hurdles, 4x400 relay, and 4x100 relay. She took first in her heat for 100 hurdles took 7th in the 300 hurdles and her relay team took 2nd in the 4x100 and 1st in the 4x400. After the track meet went to Mikes house to make White Chocolate Brownies. They were so good! we cooled them off out side while we played (it was soo nice this weekend) Mike wanted me to show him that i can do a front hand spring. it had been a while but i was amazed i could still do it :D. Sunday we went to the Draper Temple dedication and our Final class of Temple Prep... i'm good to go. but that was our last 2 weeks of spring break now its picture time.
our red faces after the track meet.

Just chillin up in Logan

Being Goofy with our classes



OK i just need to let off some steam. I'm so swamped right now... or at least i feel like i am. We just got this new massage therapist who works till like 7 so i don't get off till she is done. I have mounds of homework (at least i feel that way). and today i found out that i might not be able to get Friday off to go up to Draper/Logan, all because so one might not be able to cover for me. now i'm late for institute because im stuck at work waiting for this lady to leave! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is what mike is good for he knows how to calm me down. ...


Fun February!

once again i have been slacking. We always have fun together so I'll try and see if i can remember them all. I’ll do pictures and then just explain they wont be in order but it will kind of up date you on everything. 0214091336
We counted all of my money that i had in my Piggy Bank. we came up with $250 Dollars in change. so this is it all counted out.
This is after we rolled it all.
 0214091640  For Valentines day mike got me a Rachel Ray Cook Book. so we decided to cook out of it. we made Fettuccine Alfredo, and Garlic Cheese Biscuits. It was so good and the best part is we didn’t burn it.
On the 21st of February we did a service project that i was helping with. these are some of our cute creations. we also did hygiene kits, and quilts. It was really fun and we had a really good turn out.
0222091500  being goof-balls. like always.  
DSCF2187 This weekend we went to the “Starry Starry Night Dance” at the Institute. It was really fun but we both cant dance so we went home and hung out. it was fun to get all dressed up and go. I got to wear my Dress that i haven’t worn in a year. We found it is really hard to swing dance in a dress that is restricting in the sleeves.
So there is our last 3 weeks in a nut shell. The weeks are long and boring cause we are in school and don’t get to be with each other. But the weekends are always eventful and exciting. 2 months now :D it’s coming fast and I'm so excited to see everything coming together.  Thanks to all who are helping out. It really means a lot :D