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My LIfe isn't Perfect

I have always tried to keep things to myself.. but today i feel i should share my thoughts on a few things. When i blog i always blog about the fun exciting things that happen and how close to perfect my life is. I have two beautiful children, an amazing husband who works so hard in school and work so i can be home with the kids, and I feel like my life is exactly where I want it to be.
But today while i was getting Titus ready for the day i grabbed his Big Brother shirt that i made him. He was NOT happy and didn't want to wear the shirt. I didn't want him to think that he can over power my decision, I know it is just a shirt but i wanted him to know i'm the boss. He Freaked out on me and was yelling at the top of his lungs. I was not very happy with his reaction, Brynn was sleeping and i didn't want her to wake up. So what do I do? I Start Yelling back at him.. i started out somewhat calm, Asking him Why he didn't want to wear the shirt, I told him that it was a cool shirt and that Brynn gave it to him.. Trying to distract him didn't work so.... I told him to sit in his room till he could calm down. I went to Blow dry my hair to drown out the noise but i could hear him over the blow dryer. I opened his door and yelled at him to be quiet, told him Brynn was sleeping and he needed to be quiet. Then i realized, I'm not being that quiet if i am yelling at him. Then i thought about the way he was yelling, the pitch, the tone, everything about his scream and Noticed that it sounded alot like the way i was screaming at him...
While he sat in his room a little longer, I calmed down. I told him I was sorry for yelling at him and that Brynn  really wanted him to wear His big brother shirt. He complied and asked to watch his "Woody Show"

The Reason i am writing this is so i remember that i need to settle down and remember that even though Titus acts like he is Three He is only One. I have expected him to over achive at everything since he started walking at 8.5 months started talking early and understanding almost everything we say.

After having baby Brynn i have also realized that with Two kids my house will never be as clean as it use to be. When it was just me and Titus at home our house was cleaned and organized for the day by as late as 9 am... Now its not organized or cleaned till Mike gets home and i have a second or two to myself. I am still in the Transition Stage of this new baby girl so we will see how things go..

While i was pregnant i had someone ask me how i kept things pulled together. Titus is always happy when she sees him, I've always got my hair done and my Make up on, & my house and laundry seems to always be cleaned and done. I didn't know what to tell her all i said is the TV is a great baby sitter so i can do things. But the Truth is Titus is a very  independent person and i am a very "get 'er done" kind of person.

Thanks for reading my random thoughts... I love comments (smiley face)



Brynn Toyoko Terry
6 lbs. 10 oz.
20 inches long.

It's not a long story (But has lots of Detail so if you don't want detail skip down to where it says LONG story short..) so i'll get it out there... FYI this may be TMI!
Sunday November 25th I started having contractions 5 min apart around Noon. We have church at 1 so we went, during Sacrament they kept going and getting uncomfortable. When this happened with Titus we went to the hospital and were sent home so i figured i could stick it out. During Sunday School I finished up my lesson and tired to keep Titus under control so Mike could practice his Musical Number. RS rolled around I talked to a few of the sisters about how to induce labor on my own, a few of them even offered let me use some oils and tea. So, I gave my lesson and didn't really notice the contractions. After Church we had Tithing settlement.
After Tithing settlement we walked back to our apartment and everything was only happening 5 min apart. I Texted my Doula Friend who offered me the Oils (Clary Sage oil if you want to know). I put a few drops of the oils on my wrist and started smelling them around 5. Mike was selling a computer to a guy and went to deliver the computer to him so Titus and I went along for the ride around 7. Mike fixed the guys old computer, took it back to him and was home around 8:15. While mike was gone I put more Clary Sage Oil on, played with Titus for a min and then things really started happening. 
When Mike got home Titus went and played with him while i laid down. I was starting to have stronger Contractions. It felt like normal menstrual cramps and it was happening about every five min. I told mike and waited it out a little longer. After about 10 min i figured it was time to get things ready to go the hospital. I told mike to find some one to watch Titus. My contractions were about 3 min. apart and i had to hold onto something when it started. (I have a pretty high tolerance for pain when it comes to womanly things. so i knew it was getting time to go to the hospital.) Mike Talked to the Paynes and Brandon came over to watch Titus (Ty was pretty excited because he Loves them) at this point it's about 9:20. On the way to the hosptial i called my mom and told her what was going on. 
We got to the hospital, on our way to the second floor my water broke. We went to the Emergency OB and told them what was going on. They got me into a room (note: this is NOT a delivery room). It took FOREVER! to get things moving in there. I was having huge contractions and was in so much pain and they just kept sitting around for the Mid wife to come check me. I was at a 3 with my water broke. Ok so we need to get things going we kept telling them. I kept telling Mike i wanted my epidural and i need to get my IV in, But every time mike went to the door about every 15 min they were just sitting there waiting for the Labor and Delivery people to say it was ok for me to head over (NOTE: it's 50 feet away from where they were sitting and they didn't want to get up and walk over) Finally after being in this room for about 45 min. they wheeled me over to Labor and Delivery. I got on the bed and told them i had to push. They had the smart idea of telling me NOT TO PUSH, I basically arched and was Climbing up the bed at that point. I have one girl trying to put an IV in, my contractions are every min now there is no way you are getting an IV in me sorry lady. Another girl Checked and said "She has about Half a centimeter to go." My thought at the Point was "WHY CAN'T I PUSH THEN" they had nothing ready for me yet. The baby warmer wasn't on, the bed wasn't covered and i am holding my own legs and trying to push this little girl out. The Dr.'s come in and my legs are being held now. i just start pushing because i can feel her down there. With in about 3 pushes there is Baby Brynn. Mike has never heard me Scream so loud (i have never heard me scream so loud) (SIDE NOTE: when the student DR. came in he said "It looks like your going to have a baby" he walked to the other side of the room and said "Wow i can't believe this is Happening." 2 min. later "That just happened." I don't think he has seen that happen so fast) .

So I guess i made that longer then it really needed to be but in short. about 2 hours of intense labor, No Epidural, No IV, Not even admitted yet and then BAM! Baby Brynn!

Titus loves Baby Brynn and is helpful with everything I ask him to do. He likes to hold her and give her kisses.

So far everything is going smoothly with two little kids but I have help from My Parents and Mike.

Mike loves his little girl! He has been busy this week with School, work and Other things so he hasn't really had time to really bond with the Little Lady but he will :) 


October... still waiting for Halloween.

Well October has almost come and Gone...
It's Crazy to think that with in the next month our little girl will be here. We have been doing everything we can to get ready for this little girl. My biggest worry is what I'm going to do with Titus when I'm in the hospital. He is a big mama's boy so who ever gets him is going to have their hands full when it comes to sleeping. I have finally got him to the point that i don't have to cuddle him to put him in bed.. kind of bitter sweet. When bed time comes around he takes a bath, brushes his teeth, watches a show with his plug & blanket. Then he gets a story, prayer, Hugs & kisses to mom and dad. He then Lays down and says "mommy book" meaning mommy time for you to sit in the chair and read your book while i fall asleep. It's a busy routine but it works for us.
Mike is getting tired of school, and i don't blame him. But good news is that he only has about 6 more weeks then he is DONE with sitting in the class room.
I've been doing everything i can do to get ready for this little girl to come, nesting if you will. I have organized the Kitchen, and our bed room. Titus' room is already taking on the baby clothes and is going to be dejunked this week as will the pantry, & front closet. I'm saving all the heavy scrubbing for after Halloween is that if i do over do it Brynn is in the all clear (36 + weeks)
Titus is Growing up way to fast but i am taking it as a good thing. He is really good at listening (most of the time.) He helps around the house. The other day when i was cleaning the kitchen he wanted to clean too so i gave him the water bottle and a rag and he went to work. He also likes to help put his toys and books away. He loves to cuddle my tummy and give Brynn kisses. He likes to throw things away, which is also a bad thing when he is done with his sippy cup.
Brynn is doing great .. we have an apt on Wednesday (Halloween) so we will see how things are going. Her bed is ready and her clothes are ready.

Now for pictures.
 Watching Toy Story... He loves this movie and Cars
 Showing off his Growth Chart.
 Eating Breakfast with Harley while the Browns where in town.
 Mike's first Deer.
 Showing off his gun... if you want the story you have to ask him about it.
 Putting it in the Truck.

 Showing off dad's deer... Titus called it a moose when he first saw it.
 The Next Few Pictures are just us Playing at the park

 Me at 7.5 months Pregnant.

 When did he grow up?
 Gutting his "Pumtin"
 He Lasted long enough to get some pictures.
 The Finished Product.
 At the Halloween Family Fright Feast at the Student Union

 He loved the Goats.
 and the Pony ride (this was his second ride)
 He didn't want dad to help him.
 after we got the car seat ready for Brynn, Titus wanted to sit in it.. so he climbed in and watched TV.
This is how we found him before we went to bed one night... silly kid. i think i should be worried.



Things Titus can say. and some other thoughts

This is mainly for me so i don't forget things. 
For those of you who don't know Titus LOVES to talk, and has a pretty impressive vocabulary for a 20 month old. I am always amazed at how much he does talk for a boy and how much i can understand. So while he is playing the "Mac, Queens truck" (Mac McQueens Truck)  I thought I would post a few of his little says and words.

"Mommy, What Doin?"
"Snack" (fruit Snacks)
"Pumtin" (Pumpkin)
"Hi ya Mommy"
"Watch this" Usually just before he jumps off something
"I Got it"
"I Did it"
"Daddy, Throw, Mommy" translation: Daddy Throw the ball to Mommy.
Bampa (Grandpa)
Mamma (Grandma)
Nena (Kenna)
AaaRina (Karina)
CC (Kacylia)
hoot (Soap)
Bambi (Kambri & Brandi)
Rownen (Rowen)
Russ (Russell)
Mel-nie (Melanie)
Ryn (Ryan)
Banket (Blanket)
Have it (means give it to me)
Hi mommy
Away (Throw away)
Yeah huh
Make Cake (
Nigh Night.
All right

His little voice makes them sound so much better then typing them.

Some funny things about Titus:
He likes to blow his nose
Titus likes to watch Full House, Toy Story, Cars & the Sprout Channel.
He jumps off his  bed at least twenty times a day.
When its time for dinner or if he wants to eat he climbs into his high chair.
He Can throw a football pretty well and can sometimes catch it.
He has started to get attached to his "Banket" and knows his bed time routine. (Story, Bath, teeth, show, Pray Cuddle mommy sleep)



I can't wait.

There are so many things that i am looking forward to lately... goals i want to accomplish, things i can't wait to leave behind at the village, and events i look forward to once we are done with school. I don't know about you but time seems to slow down when big events start getting closer, for example with the baby coming in 2 months my thoughts are "holy crap we are going to have a little girl in 2 months i have nothing ready" but at the same time my thoughts are "are we really going to have a little girl in 2 months i can't wait to see her."
but anyways... i like lists so here it goes... ( my thoughts are kind of random by the way.)
1. I cant wait to get back in shape: being pregnant is amazing, Feeling the baby move, knowing that there is a special spirit coming, & knowing Titus is ready for his little sister makes 9 months of giving your body over to the lord to grow this little one so much more then worth it. I'm to the point now that i am getting uncomfortable most of the time. (i'm now 32 weeks)  i can't eat as much in one sitting (which is good) its getting uncomfortable to do things with Titus. I see people running and exercising, i talk about it with my friends & i see pictures of me before i got pregnant the 2nd time and i'm ready for the pounds to start coming off. I have gained more weight this time around then with Titus & I still have 2 months to go.
2.I cant wait to get all my "projects" done: I have so many things i want to do before this baby comes & i have only gotten a handful of them done. It seems like my list gets longer & longer as my due date gets closer & closer. Thankfully in the last week my nesting instinct has kicked in. I have crossed more off my list this week & started working on things that will take a long time to do.

I can't wait:
1. to not have to smell stinky smells coming from our neighbors.
2. to see my little girl. (watching baby stories on tv and babysitting is not helping)
3. for Mike to be Michael Joseph Terry DPT (DOCTOR of Physical Therapy) instead of SPT (student Physical Therapy)
4. for Titus to be out of diapers (we bought him a big boy seat so hopefully that helps him a little bit)
5. to live closer to family. i have gone back and forth on this but it will be good for our family.



just some Pictures. & Videos

Being Cool during Bath Time

Ridding Pumba at walmart grandma wanted to spoil him

Being Silly

Enjoying a snowie with Grandpa

Playing at City Creek

Worn out... this is after he was sick all weekend

Temple square.. sorry i can't rotate the picture

Big boy bed!

Singing with the Primary

Mike singing for the Stake Music night

Colors for Brynns bed

Titus was running away from Mike, ty's legs went a little crazy and he ran into the corner of one of our cabinets

Our sweet new glider that we found on the street.

Titus Hanging out with Mike (titus was sliding down the blanket)

Titus Hanging out with Braden before he moved. He misses him.

Enjoying a sucker while watching toy story i'm sure.

I love that Toothy smile

Ready for when the snow comes

Wearing some Pink Sun glasses he found on the play ground

Just playing outside

Pushing Rowen in the swing.

Watching Toy Story while mom makes lunch... he laid there for about 15 min. 

can you hear him? 



Getting ready for FALL!

Fall has got to be my favorite season. The weather is perfect, the colors are amazing & so many fun things to do with the Family.
August was great. I turned 23, Mike Started school & Titus has been playing outside everyday (no joke we are outside for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night.)
Mike has started a Work Study job at a Engineering Lab. He is done with a few big projects namely his Doctoral Project. He has just been called as the Ward Clerk, so that will take us some of his time on Sundays.  
I have been watching a few kids every Monday Wednesday & Friday. I am going on 32 weeks! (5-8 weeks left!) She is doing great and growing. she likes to move which is awesome. The name we have picked out so far is Brynn Toyoko.
Titus is growing up way to fast! he helps clean the house, eats so much more then he use to & is learning so many new things everyday. Ty LOVES to talk. I have to translate what he says but he is a talker. My favorite saying he has is "I got it" or "I did it." He also likes to say "Hi Ya Mommy" from the top of the play ground. He is very active, He plays basketball, Football, soccer, baseball & enjoys running. He climbs like a champ & likes to help me make dinner. He knows where his sister is & has a lot of love for everyone. He likes to watch Football, Volleyball, Toy Story, Cars and Super Why. Its hard to believe that he is almost 2. He looks like he is 1 but acts like he is 2, he is just so little. i'm kind of bias but if our little girl looks and acts anything like her brother we are in trouble and will have to keep her away from the boys for a long time. 
Here are some fun pictures...

 When we first moved Titus to a big boy bed we randomly found him sleeping on his floor. but all his toys where still put away.
 Titus Hanging out with Grandma Ivory, Kambri & Karina after a family BBQ
 Titus trying to sneak the toy away from Kambri
 Dancing.. don't look at the mess.

 Isn't he cute!?!
 Checking out the birds at the Tracy Aviary

 He thought he was pretty cook when he was in the birds house.
 Titus & Mike with the Hawks

 Getting out of the Sun and looking at the birds inside.

 He always sleeps with his hands under his head... the Shirtless part is all dad.

 Brigham City Open house.

 Waiting for the Color Run to start.
 Watching the Runners come in

 where is Mike & Russell?
 "right there" as titus would say.
 Kenna & Kelly
 Our attempt to getting a good picture of them throwing the Color.. it didn't work.
 Crazy Kenna
 Kind of...
 better.. the wind carried it away to fast.
 We give up... (larissa is tired of taking pictures)
We Did it... 

More pictures to come about titus (they are all on my phone.)