Random Ramblings!

After reading my Cousins blog today i was inspired to do "Random Ramblings" to let you all know that we (mostly Titus) are still alive.
-Titus has started to really jabber the last couple of weeks. I love it. He will sit by our front window and just jabber. And every now and then you can hear real words coming out of his little mouth. (Side Story: We were playing in Titus' room the other night before bed [Tickling & Chasing Titus]  and it sounded like Ty playfully said "Stop it" it was to funny Mike & I Just looked at each other and started to laugh) He says Juice, Cracker, Cheese,Baby, Book, Ball, Dada, Mama, Papap (Grandpa), Out & Titus. (he has said Gogurt once)
-I have started to notice other signs Titus uses to communicate. Aside from please, Thank you, Milk, More & Kisses here are his signs: Moving Arm up and down: If he is in his high chair, swing or your arms it means down, If he is on the ground it means up (mostly 2 arms reaching) or Bath. He also signs eat (he taught himself that.) {FYI teaching Titus how to sign was the best thing we did. Communication is so much easier and less frustrating.}
-This week we moved Titus' Toys to his room and Our house (Kitchen & Living room) is SO MUCH cleaner! I love it. i can close his door and not worry about everyone seeing the mess. We have a bedtime clean up now so in the morning he can tear it all out again.
- We have found a few new dinner items that are in the rotation now. #1Wingers Sticky Fingers: (So good! Mike has asked for them every night since we had them. We keep the sauce & Chicken Strips on hand for a quick lunch or dinner & mike likes to put the sauce on everything.) #2 Chicken Ceaser Salad: I usually don't like salad for dinner but since we (Mike) is on a health food kick i have been trying healthier things. Last night (and today for Lunch) we had Salad and i must say i have been missing out! So easy and so good. (Romain Lettuce, Ceaser Salad dressing (Vinaigrette) Chicken (or Pork) Parmesan cheese & Croutons! SO GOOD.
- I have never been so excited for Spring! Life is so much more fun with a toddler.. our apartment is just to small for us to have all that fun. (If that makes sense) Titus is a Ball of energy, he moves all the time and climbs on anything and everything, So being inside all day is hard. With Spring coming that means Warmer weather & more time in the sun for picnics and playing outside! walks/runs, craft projects!



A Trip to the Zoo.

Since the Zoo is right down the Street we decided to take advantage of the free day at the Zoo they had on Leap day.
Titus was so interested in the Monkeys he forgot what they say till we were leaving the zoo.
 The Cute little monkey.
 Mike was able to join us!!
 Mom is to slow at taking pictures. The monkey was checking Titus out.
He was pretty cool. 

 Just showing how we measure up to a Gorilla. Titus is about the same size as an infant Gorilla, Larissa is taller then a female & Mike is ... well lets just say Mike has them all beat in Height.
We found a Gorilla head.. that wasn't to sure about it at first but then we figured it was ok. 

Titus' stuffed Giraffe doesn't measure up to the real thing.
 I was surprised that Titus sat on this big guy.
He even sat on his lap. 
 The Turkey Strutting his stuff.
 He has figured out how to get into the second drawer.
 For some reason hitting the spoon the ground is fun.
 This is what March brought us.
 We were sad that we couldn't play in the sun.
Well i was sad the sun went away. Titus liked the snow. 
Titus and his Buddy Chillin in the chair. 
 Titus likes his Juice.