My LIfe isn't Perfect

I have always tried to keep things to myself.. but today i feel i should share my thoughts on a few things. When i blog i always blog about the fun exciting things that happen and how close to perfect my life is. I have two beautiful children, an amazing husband who works so hard in school and work so i can be home with the kids, and I feel like my life is exactly where I want it to be.
But today while i was getting Titus ready for the day i grabbed his Big Brother shirt that i made him. He was NOT happy and didn't want to wear the shirt. I didn't want him to think that he can over power my decision, I know it is just a shirt but i wanted him to know i'm the boss. He Freaked out on me and was yelling at the top of his lungs. I was not very happy with his reaction, Brynn was sleeping and i didn't want her to wake up. So what do I do? I Start Yelling back at him.. i started out somewhat calm, Asking him Why he didn't want to wear the shirt, I told him that it was a cool shirt and that Brynn gave it to him.. Trying to distract him didn't work so.... I told him to sit in his room till he could calm down. I went to Blow dry my hair to drown out the noise but i could hear him over the blow dryer. I opened his door and yelled at him to be quiet, told him Brynn was sleeping and he needed to be quiet. Then i realized, I'm not being that quiet if i am yelling at him. Then i thought about the way he was yelling, the pitch, the tone, everything about his scream and Noticed that it sounded alot like the way i was screaming at him...
While he sat in his room a little longer, I calmed down. I told him I was sorry for yelling at him and that Brynn  really wanted him to wear His big brother shirt. He complied and asked to watch his "Woody Show"

The Reason i am writing this is so i remember that i need to settle down and remember that even though Titus acts like he is Three He is only One. I have expected him to over achive at everything since he started walking at 8.5 months started talking early and understanding almost everything we say.

After having baby Brynn i have also realized that with Two kids my house will never be as clean as it use to be. When it was just me and Titus at home our house was cleaned and organized for the day by as late as 9 am... Now its not organized or cleaned till Mike gets home and i have a second or two to myself. I am still in the Transition Stage of this new baby girl so we will see how things go..

While i was pregnant i had someone ask me how i kept things pulled together. Titus is always happy when she sees him, I've always got my hair done and my Make up on, & my house and laundry seems to always be cleaned and done. I didn't know what to tell her all i said is the TV is a great baby sitter so i can do things. But the Truth is Titus is a very  independent person and i am a very "get 'er done" kind of person.

Thanks for reading my random thoughts... I love comments (smiley face)