Day 2 – Tell us about your job.

Well my Job is boring (I'm on maternity leave now!!), i am a "dispatcher" at the University Student Apartments Maintenance Office. Basically a Receptionist for a complaint department. I make work orders and tell people to fix things. But on slow days i just play around on the internet or read. I also do some paper work and filing.
My "NEW" job now is to be a MOMMY, the best job in the world and I don't even have Titus here yet. So Far I love being a mommy. All his cute clothes and the Smell of this Lotions & Shampoo make me so excited. Even his little Diapers make me happy even though i know what will be coming out of them soon. So far i really like how clean my house is since i have been on Maternity Leave (one day... i cleaned the Living room/kitchen this morning) I'm getting everything i can organized and i'm sure that while my Mom is here we will do some more (i love to organize)
End Day 2

Update: We had another appointment to Check my Amniotic Fluid, Everything is NORMAL! normal fluid levels is 15 and we were at a 17.6. Hopefully we have this little guy so we don't have to do another one. They aren't that bad cause we get to see Titus but... i takes a lot of time and we already know he is a healthy little guy. (i'm just a little person.)

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