Life Comes at ya Fast.

As you can tell i have been super busy and that i the the best husband to be ever! Thanks for everything you do honey. Our lives have been busy and going fast in the last 3 weeks.
The first weekend:
We went to Park City with the Terry's. It was so much fun. We met up in SLC to go to RC willy were we found the Cutest kitchen table ever. we then went to park city and did some shopping. We finally got Mikes wedding ring. it's awesome! We went swimming (a lot), played some chess ( mike kicked my butt every time.) We went for a walk down Main Street Park City and took a few pictures.

Chillin in Park City
Mike and ME
Main St. Park City

The Lift in Park City that was closed :(

Weekend Two:

The next Week i went through the Draper Temple. It was awesome and i had so much support. It's so nice to know that the Lord does have a plan and a purpose for us. Thanks to everyone who came and supported it was really awesome to have you there.

The Whole Gange in Draper

The Terry's

Our Parents and Kenna

My Parents

Maria Linda my mom and dad at Applebees

Mikes mom, Mike, Me, my Cousin Kansas

Amie, Scott, Kenna, and Mikes dad

Grandma and Grandpa Ivory, Courtney, and Brandi
Weekend Three:

My Brother is married now. Courtney and Brandi were Married Friday in the Mt.Timpanogos temple. It was so cool to be able to see how it will be when i get married. It's crazy that i now have a new sister. Tomorrow is the reception in Castle dale it will be cool to just chill with my sisters and the sign in book.

Kacylia Karina Courtney and Me Every year before school we take pictures like this... We can't really do that now.
All the siblings Kacylia, Karina, Courtney, Brandi, Me, Mike

The Newly Weds and thier Parents

The Soon the be newly weds Mike and me
During the week mike and i are busy going to school and being away from each other. Mike Just got a job at Smiths and is going to be taking finals all week or at least till thursday this week. I've been busy working at the Dr. Office and finishing up some school Projects. I'll be graduating next weekend. The week after that we will be getting things ready to MOVE, get MARRIED and our HONEYMOON. I'm so excited for the changes that are so quickly coming our way.


Love you Little Rissa

Well...... I always harass Larissa about how she doesn't blog as much any more and she always tells me that I should do one. Well, here I am! This is my first blogging experience.... hope it goes well. I just wanted to get on here to say that Larissa is an amazing girl. I know it sounds all lovey-dovey but she really is. I don' t think she gets enough credit for how much she does. I would go crazy if I had the schedule that she has. Right now, she is taking 16 or 17 credit hours at CEU, working as much as she can , planning a wedding, finds time to hang out with me on the weekends and makes time to talk to me at night when I'm up in Logan. I think anyone that has planned a wedding knows that that's probably plenty to do at one time... let alone go to work and attend classes and study. Well, i just thought i would let everyone know about how awesome my fiance is. I love her so much and can't wait to get married in the temple. Thanks for everything you do Riss!! Love you!!



Conference Weekend and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNA

Today is  Kenna’s (my FSIL) 11th Birthday. We spent the weekend up in logan for Conference and for her birthday. it was so much fun. we went swimming relaxed and had some real good laughs.
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