Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.

SO i know i'm going to miss a few days of these so i'm going to do Day 3 now just for the heck of it (and cause it's Saturday night and we are just chilling at home)

My Idea of the Perfect First Date is my first date with my Husband.
         I was so nervous to meet Mike ( I knew who he was but we had never really talked or even acknowledge each other before.)  He Picked me up at my house and was a real Gentlemen, Talking to my parents before we took off and opening my door. ( i can even tell you what i was wearing. my Orange sweater my hair half up & Mike Smelled really really good.
         We went to El Salto's in Price for some decent Mexican food. (i had enchiladas so did mike.)
          After El Saltos we went to his parents house to watch a movie, "The Prestige".

          After the Movie he took me home. Yay it was a simple date but it was so much fun. I never knew i could just talk and have such a good time on a first date.
I'm sure after the date we started texting each other because later that weekend sat by each other at church and then Later meet up at Prayer meeting together. (he was heading home after and Stopped in Provo to see his new Nephew Franky!)

These are Pictures of a date we went on a few months after our first date. We went to the Manti Pageant with my BF from high school & her Boyfriend. 

This was at the top of Huntington Canyon in June (look Snow)
Just before the Pageant started.  (Notice: i am standing on my tip toes and i barely go to his shoulder)
End day 3