Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

So i don't look like this now... This was back in my Freshman year of College.  
My Goal is to get back to that weight and grow my hair out & NEVER chop it off  again (sure i'll trim & cut a little but i wont CHOP it off again.)
Anyways I don't remember how this day was back in the day but So far today has been going OK. Sadly i am at work but It's my LAST DAY (so far at work there has been a pipe burst in one of the courts & work that someone left from last night [for real people- it's not that hard to get this stuff done])! I'll be here till Noon then at 2:30 we have  ANOTHER doctor's appointment. It's a good thing we live so close to the hospital other wise it would be a pain to have an appointment every two days (this little guy just needs to get here, & we really don't need to have these AFI's (Amniotic Fluid Index) the Fluid is NORMAL!). After the Appointment Mike and i have no other plans! just relax for the weekend & wait for this baby (i was hoping i wouldn't make it to 39 weeks but i just might make it to 40 {dang it})
 While i am thinking about it.. i'm going to Announce my Resolutions/Goals for 2011
These aren't in any order.
1.Get back down to PRE-Pregnancy Weight (maybe LOWER)
2. Do the Sprint LUNATIC TRIATHLON. 
(this is a must since my FIL has signed me up.)
3.Keep things as organized has possible with the new addition.
4. Find Cute Craft ideas to do for this little guy.
5. Only be a "Social Pop Drinker" (meaning i will only drink pop if it is offered/available i won't go out and buy my own)
6. Cook/Eat Healthier. (If I'm going to be little again i need to eat better)
7. Be a better Journal Keeper. I don't want to forget all the cool,silly, crazy things Titus & Mike think of or do.
8. Read the BoM!
9. Spend the weekends making memories with Titus & Mike.
10.  Set weekly goals to accomplish..

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