September gone already?

 Titus Standing by himself.. Grandma Great Ivory gave him this outfit so he would match grandpa Great
 Our Door decor..
 My Birthday Present from mike.. i found the frame by the dumpster. the pant was a free sample & the metal was like $6 . I was to busy to get it done so mike did it.
 Tito Loves bath time... we throw water on his head and he wigs out..
 Getting excited...
 Checking things out at the football game
 Warming up.
 Checking out the other team.
 Takes after his dad.. .FOOTBALL
 He loves to crawl around

 I just thought this was a funny picture.
 My Good Friend Julie at girls night at the Cheese Cake Factory.
 Her Carrot cake at the Cheesecake Factory
 My Lemon Raspberry Cream Cheesecake... SO GOOD
 Julie Sherri & Me..
 Center Pieces at my Grandparents 50ths Anniversary...
 My Cousin Tyson giving Titus Kisses
 Grandpa Got Kambri to sleep he was pretty excited.
Titus would dance with everyone it was to cute. 
Here are Ty's new Tricks. enjoy

There you go Kacylia.. just for you ... and everyone else who reads my blog.


Ty's new Trick

Family Pictures

This last weekend we had family pictures taken by Julie Taggart at Julie Taggart Photography. We had so much fun! and she did an AWESOME job on the pictures. Go Check out her blog.


Growning like Crazy!

 Not much has been going on with us... just going to school, working, & loving little tito! He is the coolest kid if i do say so myself. Last weekend the terry's came to visit we go to a Real Salt Lake Game... to bad if forgot my camera and didn't take any pictures.. but here are some cute little Pictures of Tito..
We can't get Titus to lay down with Tigger long enough to get a picture for comparison so i thought this one was pretty cute... He loves his tigger..

 He has 2 little Teeth...
 This is kind of a forced picture if you can't tell from Titos face.
 He loves the swings ...
 I was watching him play the other day and realized how grown up he is getting... it is crazy what just a few days can do ...

 I love this picture . it is so titus.

 He has started to buzz his lips again... hence the drool.

This is titus buzzing his lips silly kid...