Picture Over load for July...

The end of June & July have been super busy for us. well at least the weekends. Mike is enjoying school and is almost done with his first semester at the U. Me on the hand: i'm still looking for a job and TRYING to stay busy around the house. 

To start with the Picture over load:
First up is Mike's Triathlon:
Before the Race: 
Russel, Mike, Scott, Amie, Kenna, & Papa Terry

After: Scott & Baby L, Amie, Kenna, Papa Terry, Mike
& Russel

my Cousin Weston's Wedding.

The Cute Little Couple. Weston & Sadeez.

Brandi, Courtney, Kacylia, & Me chillin at the Reception 
(Mike was busy Moving his brothers all over Utah: Russel to West Jordan & Scott to Price)

Kacylia & I. 

My crazy Cousins
Paige ( i don't know what she is doin) Me, and Danesha 
 The Next weekend was the 4th of JULY
We drove 30 mins. to Park City! To hang out with mikes family.
We had a Blast as you can tell by the pictures.
We went on the Coaster... (if you look closely you can see me)
The Lift to go down ...
The Alpine Slide 
(Me, Banana, & Amie)
Mike & Scott
Em Waiting for Fireworks
Russel Tossing Em in the Air
Em & Me playing with my phone.
Playing Uno. (we won because of Em's amazing Skills :D)

The Gang before fireworks.
Em, Russel, Christa & Banana, Kenna, Mama Terry, Me, Amie, Baby L, papa Terry, & Scott mike was Taking the Picture. 
Me & Mike waiting For fireworks.
An Awesome Picture mike got of the Fireworks

The Next weekend we hung out in Park city again for a little while. 
The Weekend after Was LAMB DAY!!
For those of you who don't know what LAMB DAY is ... your missing out.
It's like International Days but with Lamb & an Amazing Parade.
Waiting for the Parade to start
(This isn't a parade where you get a handful of candy... The Floats throw 
Handfuls of Candy to you. We went home with Half a grocery bag of candy.)
Mom & dad Ivory.
(Another cool thing about these Parades is they shoot T-shirts & Otter Pops into the Crowd)
Miss Allie Bug getting ready to Collect Candy.
Waiting (mike was getting warm)
Karina & Syd Enjoying the Parade.
(Syd is moving to Arizona So we thought we would show her a real party)
We also tried Wheat Beer. (don't try it, It's nasty) 
[ Karina says it tastes like Finger-Nail Polish Remover
Syd Says it tastes like Old Beer 
How they know what they taste like i don't know]
Mike Tried Lamb in two different ways Fried & Roasted
He liked the Roasted better But says you have to Load it with Mustard. (I agree)
we Said Goodbye to This little Lady (baby L) & her Parents Scott & Amie
We Will really Miss their Craziness. 
For the 24th of July
We stayed In Salt Lake so we didn't have to Drive again...

 We Hiked Ensign Peak To watch Fireworks. 
It was a good little hike. 
 And that is our July so far. 
Next weekend we Venture to Scofield for a Ward Camp out
Then Down to Price.
Until then..


Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership with God

I love this... it makes me even more excited to be a mother. It also made me appreciate my mom and mother in law so much more. Elder Holland always has a way of bringing the spirit. It must be the fact that he is a man of God and that he Really Cares for each and every member of the church. I know that Women have a divine role in his plan and that we need his help to raise his children in the gospel & to make them the Spirits he needs them to be.


Surprise, Surprise!

I looked in my tummy and what did I see?
Little Baby Terry looking right back at me!!!
This next one is the best view.
We are very excited to start a new chapter in our life and we can't wait to find out it's a boy or a girl.  Larissa wants a boy and Mike just wants a baby! Right now we are 11 weeks along, so we've got a little time before we know, but we are excited either way.  Well, that's enough excitement for now.  Have a nice day!


Ranch Chicken

Mike really likes this one too... & it is so easy my sisters make it if my mom is busy and can't make dinner.

Ingredients: for 2-3
3/4 c. Corn Flakes
1 Packet Ranch
1/2 cube or 1/4 c. of Butter
Parmesan Cheese (opt.)

Thaw Chicken, mix corn flakes & Ranch Packet crush to combine. Melt Butter. Dip Chicken in Butter then Coat in ranch mixture. Cook for 30 min @ 350.

Quick easy cheap. Serve with any kind of veggie.