A Tribute To the Summer of 2008 and Mike!

This summer has been the best summer ever. I went to working full time to earn more money for school and decided that i wanted to make this summer fun to make up for all the work i would be doing. I met a great guy (Mike) and we started dating in April. ( so i guess it's been the best spring and summer) Just so everyone knows how Mike and i met it's kind of a weird story. Mike and I are both from Price and we both know some of the same people. Last summer i went back east with the seniors from my stake and some parents went also. The parents i happen to ride the last streach with were also his friends parents (confussing i know.) We started talking about dating and she brought up Mike. I thought that would be cool, dating an older guy that i had seen around and kind of new about, so i told her talk to him and have him ask me on a date. Thinking nothing of it for a while (say about march of '08) we became friends on the wonderful internet site Facebook. After commenting back and forth for a while i gave him my number. we started texting and then he came down one weekend from Logan (where he is going to school). He asked me on a date and we went to dinner and back to his house for a movie. It was fun and the next couple of weekends that he came down we hung out and went on dates. He then moved down here for the summer to work at Pro-Rehab because another job fell through, thank goodness, that would have sent him to Iowa. We spent many fun filled nights together through out the summer. We went to the Manti Pageant with my best friend, Went to the Zoo with Daisy, Adventured to Provo and SLC, and went to Greg and Ivy's wedding. We share many inside jokes together and many interesting moments. By the end of the summer we had became each others best freinds and found it really hard to leave each other. The funny thing is we were in the same ward my first year at CEU and we didn't really talk. the only time we talked to each other was when he asked to get my records. He also helped with Track my Senior year but i was doing running and jumping while he did throwing events. But here is to My best Friend, my turbo, and my Mikey. These next few Semesters will be rough with out you but i know we can do it. Best of Luck in school and I'll see ya when i see ya. Love you
Me and Mike


Mormishmom @ Funky PolkaDot Giraffe said...

Yea for Mike! LOL I'm glad he has such a cute friend like you.

dancin' momma said...

you guys are so cute! You are both lucky people!

Kikal said...

I figured I'd write something too so you could have posts from all of your sister in laws...(hint hint Mike) bwa ha ha! We love you Larissa! Daisy asks about going to see little rissa, so you better be there in December when we come!