Kiddy Humor

So this Labor day weekend Mike came down from Logan. It was really good to see him. Friday we made some amazing cookies and hung out with his family. Saturday we went to the Manti temple. It was great to just spend a day with each other. I think every adventure we take he meets some of my crazy family members. This time he meet my Uncle Mike and Aunt Maria. They are some of my favorites. We talked for a little bit and then headed home and had a BBQ with his family. Sunday we went to church i played the musical number which if found out about on friday so it was kind of last min. my brother being the brat that he is asked " how long did you practice that song?" (cause i did mess up a little) i said " this morning" he quickly tried to cover himslef and said " oh that wasn't bad for practicing just this morning." so yeah... I went over to my grandmas for sunday night and will be here till monday. But my little cousin Caleb is so funny. He is four and the funniest little guy ever. we were up on the property and he saw a moth and said " look at this pretty butterfly. that is right your so pretty mister butterfly." i started to laugh so hard. He just looked at me and said " don't you think he is pretty." i just said "yes he is very pretty." Later we were going into my grandmas house. I asked him what my name was and he said "rissa" I asked him what Kacylias name was and he said "rissa 2" it was pretty funny. it's funny my cousins don't look anything like me because i am so dark and they are so "white" well at least the ones on my dads side... ha ha

Me and Allie Bug

Me and my man Caleb
Kacil Nesha and me on the drive home

Just chillin up on Grandma and Grandpa Ivory's Property

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Stevie and Meesha said...

Cute Cute:) Sounds like you had a blast! I hope everything is going great and hope to hear from you soon:) love ya