Fun times

One weekend (august 3rd) Mike and i went up to the Provo temple. it was so much fun. we did baptisms it was really cool. Mike then meet my amazing cousin Kiarra. She is one of my favorites. The first words out of her mouth to him were "Your tall." sounds like something i said the first time we talked. No kidding. We then made our way up to Salt Lake to have lunch with Megan and Steven. It was nice to sit and talk to them. They are funny but can go off the walls sometimes. Mike and I went to see the Joseph Smith movie and walked around temple square. I love the temple it is so amazing. On the way home we Stopped to see the New Draper Temple that is being built. we got lost getting there but we got there which is all that matters. I think Mike learned not to follow my directions. (but i did get us to the Provo temple with ease.)

Provo Temple
The Christus
The Salt Lake Temple ( i took this pic)
Me and Mike at the Salt Lake Temple

The Draper Temple ( i stole this pic from mike)

Our Next Adventure was going to Greg and Ivy's Wedding (august 9th). It was really nice and really hot. Kenna and I went to Ivy's to Help with grand kids and then went to the temple for a few pictures and then to Scott and Amie's new apartment. It's little, I wish i had a picture because a few of the doors were to little for mike to walk through. We went to the lunch in and had some amazing food. Mikes parents came to get us (we drove up Amie's car) so we had to stuff mike in the back seat with me. I felt so bad for him. he had to sit side-ways for 3 hours. his poor back and legs. lucky for me i had a pillow (mike) the whole way home. all in all it was a great trip.
The Logan Temple

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Luke and Mary said...

Hey this is Mary Frandsen Peacock-- I was so excited to see you're blog! And I am even more excited to hear you are dating Mikey! I LOVE THAT GUY!!! You need to tell him that I said he has to "Make Your Day"... hopefully he'll remember what that means. Anyway, glad to see you two together!