Back to School.

It's that time of year once again. WOW! surprisingly i am really excited to get back to school. I don't have to work all day anymore i am doing a lot more then that so it is nice. I am taking 15 credit hours so we will see how busy i am. I am going to be a loser this semester though but with good reason. 2 of my really good friends are going on their missions. (Bradey Wilde to South Africa and Stephen Vogel to Independence Missouri) My really good Lauren is going to SLCC and My Mikey is going up to USU for his last year. and my best friend Megan is getting married. with them all leaving that just means more time to study and less or not as much partying. so the wonderful classes that i am taking shouldn't be to hard. I have Anatomy plus the lab, Geology, Music, Intro to Corrections, and service learning ( I'm coaching volleyball! it's awesome). Our family school pic. Every year we always go out on the back deck and get our pics together. don't mind me i has going to work so i was in my scrubs.
Karina Kacylia

Courtney aka Soap

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Hailstorm said...

man...i have the cutest cousins ever! I love you guys! lets plan that cousin play time we've been talking about, okay??