so busy

WOW it has only been the first week and a half of School. I already have a quiz on Friday on the first 3 chapters in Anatomy, A 2 min presentation in corrections, and my volleyball girls have their first came next Tuesday. I already knew it would be a rough semester but not like this... My Monday .. holy cow! i had classes till 1 and then worked till 4:45, I went to volleyball at 5 till 6:30. i had a meeting at 6:30 for YSA and then i had to go back to the JR high for a parent meeting at 7:00 then to a block party that i sadly had to miss.. but i still got to have stake from the party. I was proud of myself for not wanting to kill someone or something by the end of the day. I don't mind staying busy but when it is one thing right after the other and you have to go across town do it.. things get way to heck-tic. I did get a run in so that is always good.

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