Awesome Husband!

So i need to brag... My husband is the best!
          I think i facebook about him at least once a week.
I don't know what i would do with out him... Especially now that Titus is almost here.
          Yesterday while i was at work all day he cleaned up the office/Titus' room, did the dishes AND         helped/made  dinner (i had to get visiting teaching done so Brooke if you read this we got it done!) for me, his brother & himself and it was really good.
Mike did my Dream proposal with out me even telling him! how awesome is he!
           He Lets me cuddle him and hug him when i'm not feeling well. He ties my shoes, cause i can't bend over to do it anymore. He doesn't let me carry anything heavy, he would get mad at me if i started running for my work outs. He loves Feeling Titus move and likes to move him around in my belly.
Mike Helped me get this degree ( along with my parents) Mike Helped me did my Stats homework, Helped me with Chemistry, And Anatomy.
He always surprises me at Christmas with something that i really wanted but never really expected to get...
          Like this year he got me an awesome sewing machine! i don't think he realized that now i have to get fabric and spend money on fun projects for him and Titus... (good thing is he likes to pick out fabric with me)

Mike gave me flowers, DARK chocolate, and took me on our first date for our 1 yr Dating Anniversary.

My Anniversary Present last year! I was so excited that i didn't have to knead the bread in a bowl on the floor anymore. This this has saved my wrists so much pain.
              He doesn't mind that i got him Church Socks & a pillow for Christmas ( he is so hard to buy for because he likes computer stuff so i let him get a printer also that he could pick out)
He is so great with kids (doesn't surprise me) but i love watching him with our nieces & nephews.

Baby L Sleeping on Mikey
          He is a big Teddy bear and so funny. Baby L & Kambri would cuddle with him all day if they could.
Last year Franky loved to tell mike stories before he fell asleep.
          Just watching him with the kids makes me so excited for when Titus gets here. I might have to fight with Mike to feed Titus just so i can hold my own baby. He just loves kids.
Em & Banana when Mike went for a Visit a Few years ago.
I'm Sure He hates it when i talk about him but this is the best way for me to document how awesome he is. I can't ever stay mad at him cause he just has the most handsome face. He also makes me laugh and i always forget what i got mad about.
Look at that Handsome Face!
 He is very protective of me, he always tells me when to take a break from cleaning or being on my feet, He doesn't like me driving anywhere by myself (like when i went to my parents by myself over Christmas... that is a story for another time)
once again.... we have so much fun in the car.
He Has an AMAZING voice! I could listen to him sing all day!
He is so friendly. sure he does it jokingly sometimes but he waves at almost everyone when we are driving down the road.
We had so much on our Honeymoon honking & waving at random people on the Freeway...
He is SO FUNNY. i think everyone would agree with me, he is always up for a crazy game of something interesting at my Parents house. He always gives us a good laugh with the crazy voices & sounds he makes.
Mike on his mission i remember seeing this picture on his facebook when we first started dating. I had to meet this goofy guy!
He is always pulling some kind of weird face...
I just love this guy. He is going to be an awesome example to Titus. He is an amazing example to me.

Love ya Miker!


dancin' momma said...

How sweet! I would agree that his nieces and nephews adore him!

Mormishmom @ Funky PolkaDot Giraffe said...

We love Mike!

Room to Inspire said...

Congratulations Larissa! You are the winner of the Silhouette! Whoo-hoo! Be sure to email me your contact/address information ASAP.



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