35 weeks!

Here i am board at work....
    So i'll update you on how baby Titus is doin!
I don't have pictures from Christmas on my computer yet so that will have to wait for another post.
This is 35 weeks only 5 more to go!
The Dr. says that i am measuring smaller than normal.
(my thoughts: I'm smaller than normal doc. & he is in a different position every time.)
We go in for an ultra sound on the 5th to see how everything is going. On the 7th we go to a  Dr. Appointment & from here on out we go every week... So exciting
I can't wait to have this little guy here... I'm getting use to the Braxton  Hicks Contractions. My Ribs hurt but i have awesome SIL's who told me to put ice on it to get him out of them.  (it worked like a charm)
Last night sleeping was tough i don't know if it was because of Titus, Mike or the fact that i had to get up at 6. His room still needs to be cleaned up... and organized. but everything is coming together, Soon this little guy is be blessing our lives and making us the happiest Parents ever!

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DAVIS said...

You are getting so close to your due date! Congrats! You are so cute in all your pics!