December Where did you go?

This month fells like it has gone by so fast!
Mike has been busy studying for his finals and is now DONE for the semester!
I have been waiting patiently for this baby who doesn't come for another 45 Days... We love this little guy already! He is a mover for sure, I feel bad he doesn't have room to stretch out because I'm so short (& i swear my ribs are bruised from the inside.) Here i am at 33 weeks... I am tired, my feet are sore, & i cry over the most RANDOM things. Good thing i have an awesome husband who is here for me when i have my break downs.

Well the First few weeks of December have gone by so fast. The first weekend we went home to Price for my baby shower. We got some super cute stuff and lots of it. Titus is going to be the cutest little guy ever. ( i mean come on he has mike as a dad)
Sorry but i didn't take any pictures of the shower, my sisters did but i haven't gotten the pictures from them.
The Weekend after that we went on a carriage ride & a Voice Male concert with the Terry Crew.
 Mike, Christa, Russell, Em, Banana, Theresa, Kelly, & Kenna on our Carriage Ride.
 Mike & I with the lights. I really should find a new angle to take pictures.
An awesome picture mike took...
Mike and i on the Carriage ride, i have to point out mikes " 'stach" he has to  be one of the best uncles ever. He grew it out for his nephew "the Boy" for his 5th Birthday.

My Husband is an awesome Photographer. I played with this picture but the original is awesome-r.
See...(note this pic was taken in November when there was snow)


T-Fam said...

I know how you feel. I was the exact same way when I was pregnant last year. Don't worry he will come faster than you think. we can't wait to see him.

Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

Merry Christmas!!

That temple picture is beautiful!! Thanks so much for coming to my cookie exchange. It was so fun to meet you!