25 days till christmas, 31 days till new years & 60 days till Titus!!

Now that it is December (finally!), our tree is up (smells SOOOO great!), my blog is red & green, & i'm 7.5 months pregnant it's time for a quick update with some pictures!

Here i am at 30 weeks... i am starting to feel Pregnant
My Ribs are sore, I can't bend down & i am so tired.
I am so glad i am still fitting in my pre-pregnant clothes, 
But soon i think i'll start wearing more comfy pants & 
 shirts that don't make me look as fat.

On the 14th, Mike & i went down to Cedar City to see this Beautiful little girl.
This is Miss Kambri Claire, Courtney & Brandi's pride & joy!

me & kacylia hanging out during the luncheon. 
 karina, courtney holding kambri, kacyila, & larissa 
( wow once again i'm the only La)
 Mike with Kambri 
seeing Kambri Made us so excited to have Titus!
 me & kambri
all the kid-o's 
(i love how mike trying to look shorter.
& i am NEVER standing next to Brandi again she is so SKINNY!)

over thanks giving we cut down our tree with the Terry Clan. Since we have a small apartment again we got a small tree. (plus small trees have more room to grow so they look better)
 Mike getting the tree ready to be cut.

 Looking Manly holding the Chain Saw...
(hand saws are over rated)
 Victory is ours! 
(with once quick burst of power this tree was down.)
Showing the tree to scale. 
So little but it takes up so much room in our little apartment.
I'll post a picture of the decorated tree when my living room is clean.

So i have to share this wonderful news...
I WON this awesome stuff from GOOD THINGS UTAH. 
( who would have thought that leaving a comment 
on facebook & being lazy in the morning would pay off)
The Bow & Wreath are from Tie Pan Treading
The Pj's are from Carters ( they were to big so i got $30 in store credit for ty)
& the Soap is from Bath & Body...


T-Fam said...

I started wearing prego clothes around then too. It is just so much more comfortable. Wish we could have been there for the Christmas tree chopping. What is up with the Greenbay jersey Mike. haha

Westergard Family said...

Larissa! your bloggity blog is so cute! you look AMAZING! I hope when I get prego I can still fit in my normal jeans when i'm that far along!! Hope these next couple weeks fly by so your little MAN can get here!! <3