Fall Break!

Mike's fall Break was this last week so we spent sometime in Price with our families. I had to work so i didn't get to join in the fun till Wednesday. Amie and Baby L where in for a visit i'll have to get their pictures up next post... On Saturday we went to Arches ... Mike has never been before so we thought i would be the perfect timing before i got to big.

 Getting ready to hike...
 Me and  Kenna at Landscape Arch.
 Mike and I at the Tunnel arch
 Mike and Kenna at Skyline arch.
 Sand Dune arch was the place to hang out... but we got this awesome pictures of the sand.
 Delicate arch from a distance (3 miles didn't sound like fun to me)
 Mike and I at Double arch.
 We wore Kenna out...
Me 25 weeks Pregnant and still movin... haha

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Courtney and Brandi Ivory said...

You look so cute. I look that pregnant right now after having Kambri. LOL