Looking back...

While i sat at work.. (being board out of my mind) i couldn't help reading my old posts ( i need to fix my pictures so i can turn my blog into a books someday.) I came across this post and had to Laugh.

I ready #24 and couldn't help but smile.
"24. I'm so excited to see where Mike gets to go to PT school. i hope he gets into Utah but anywhere will be good for us. It's not for another year but it will be fun to see how things play out for us."

Crazy how 3 yrs. can change things. Here we are at the U with 1.5 years left to go with PT school. Who knows where we will be after this. I'm sure no matter where we go after this we will be happy. Its just the process of getting there that i don't look forward to [finishing school, finding a job, finding a new place to live, packing, making new friends, setting up house again.] ... well there are some of my thoughts today.. kind of random but I'm trying to remember things like this.. 
A few things i want to start up now that Titus is 1 & that the weather should be getting warmer (fingers Crossed) ...
1: Popcorn, Smoothie, Movie Night (Sunday nights)
2: Walks after Sunday dinner (before Popcorn, Smoothie, Movie night)
3: Picnics (This would be fun cause now we have a "Picnic basket thing" from my brother)
4: Quick Treat Runs/walks to Dan's
5: Going to the Library more often (we haven't been going because I've been reading my books on My Kindle & Titus has So many books but is starting to get more into them) The Library has a Reading time every Tuesday & Thursday...

A few Random goals:
1. Start eating better
2. Start working out again. Since Church ball is over i'm kind of sad but i need to "keep Moving"
3. DE JUNK MY HOUSE! i say this every month but it needs to be done!
4. Be more diligent in my Scripture study.  Since i'm not teaching RS this month i have been slacking.
5. Spend more time with my boys.!

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