Good Bye February.. Hello March (already?)

We went to visit Grandma Meyer for Presidents day weekend... i forgot to take pictures while we were at grandmas but we did get them on the way home and on the way there.

He was pretty excited to ride in his new car seat. 
He has a hard time sleeping so we prop his head with Pillow Pets & coats.
On the way home we stopped to see the Brigham City Temple. 
We needed to Stretch our legs. 
Our little family.. 
The other day Titus kept doing his funny little Smile i had to get it on camera again. 
And then he got Tired of it.. 

Mike is half way threw his Second to Last Class Semester and spring break is coming fast (thank goodness). I have been working and being a mom like always. This summer i get to be a full time mom! i am so excited. & I have started to work out again (finally finding time) expcet tonight Titus thought it would be fun to Climb all over me while is was trying to do crunches... which ended in tears because i wouldn't just play with him..

Titus is Starting into his "toddler" stage. Climbing on his favorite chair (i'll get a picture of how he sits on it) 
He is getting very picky on what he eats and how he eats. 
He is starting to play by himself more (thank goodness.. Love the kid but i need to get things done too.

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T-Fam said...

Glad you got to see grandma. Wish we could have seen the temple too. It is beautiful.