A Trip to the Zoo.

Since the Zoo is right down the Street we decided to take advantage of the free day at the Zoo they had on Leap day.
Titus was so interested in the Monkeys he forgot what they say till we were leaving the zoo.
 The Cute little monkey.
 Mike was able to join us!!
 Mom is to slow at taking pictures. The monkey was checking Titus out.
He was pretty cool. 

 Just showing how we measure up to a Gorilla. Titus is about the same size as an infant Gorilla, Larissa is taller then a female & Mike is ... well lets just say Mike has them all beat in Height.
We found a Gorilla head.. that wasn't to sure about it at first but then we figured it was ok. 

Titus' stuffed Giraffe doesn't measure up to the real thing.
 I was surprised that Titus sat on this big guy.
He even sat on his lap. 
 The Turkey Strutting his stuff.
 He has figured out how to get into the second drawer.
 For some reason hitting the spoon the ground is fun.
 This is what March brought us.
 We were sad that we couldn't play in the sun.
Well i was sad the sun went away. Titus liked the snow. 
Titus and his Buddy Chillin in the chair. 
 Titus likes his Juice.

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Brandon and Annie said...

Looks like fun! I want to take Zachary to the zoo too...I think I'll wait until it warms up a little though, it looked a little cold ;)