New Year Resolution Time
It's Crazy that it's time for these again (i guess we should always be making  resolutions)
1. Read the WHOLE book of Mormon & keep a Scripture Journal.
  *I found this AWESOME blog to help me with this one.. check her out The Redheaded Hostess
2. Keep A Clean(er) house!

 * Hopefully Pintrest can help me out with this one.
3. Exercise at least 3 times a week. (P-90x, Running, Yoga, Etc.)

  * I have to be in really good shape to chase titus around...
4. Totally De-cutler the House 

 * Once again hopefully Pinterest can help me out.
5. Teach Titus as much as i possibly can. (Shapes, Colors, Opposites, Numbers, Manners,etc.)

 * he is such a smart kid and we always have to keep that mind going so he doesn't lose it. 
6. Come up with Fun (Cheap) Activities for Titus

 * he is also a busy body and needs constant entertainment..
7. Get Mike through Another year of school (1.5 years to go)

8. Keep a budget.

 * We need this ... 
9. Eat Healthier
10. Be Better.

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