Happy Birthday Titus!!

It is so crazy to think that This little Man is now ONE!
I'm kind of Bias but He is the best little guy anyone could ever ask for. He is always happy. He is SO cute, gets along with everyone, Makes me smile even when he is yelling at me. I can't even explain how much i love this little guy. He has already taught me so much in just one year.

Just a few things about this little Man!
*He started out at 5 lbs .8 oz. 19 inches (thank goodness cause mom couldn't have handled a bigger baby)
*He has ALWAYS been a great eater. 
*He has started to sleep through the night again! knock on wood. (he would sleep through the night at 3 months then we started going places and he started sleeping with us again.)
*He LOVES Cheese & Juice & Crackers... 
* He can sign More, Please, Milk & Up. It makes life so much easier knowing what he wants.
* He Has been walking since he was 8.5 months!(after he started rolling over at 4 months he hasn't stopped moving. We joke that he is like the Squirrel from the movie: Over the Hedge. He goes a millions miles a minute) 
*He helps me clean up his toys. Now that he has figured out how to put things in containers he is always throwing things away. He knows where the Dirty Diapers go and will put them in their bag. He also know about the Recycling bin and tries to Recycle his Plugs Bottles & Balls(i spent 2 hours looking for them one day)
*He Love to play with balls books and Cars... He really is a boy..
* He is almost in 12 month clothes. He is just so tiny. It is quite amusing to watch him walk sometimes.
*He likes the vacuum.. 
*He Knows where his eyes, ear, mouth, head, hands & feet are.
*He knows what a car (vroom), Book (bou), Ball (baw) Dog (daw or woof) Sheep (ba) Lion/tiger/bear/... (rawr) are... 
* He Loves sweets... cookies, cake anything mom and dad are eating.
*He can drink out of any kind of sippy cup and is learning how to drink out of a regular cup. 
* He loves bath time.
*He is always happy
*He gives hugs & kisses (not open mouth anymore) to his favorite people.
*He knows how to be "soft" 
*He likes to laugh with other people.

Here are a few pictures of Titus in his First year. 
Sorry for the OVER LOAD!

We Love You Titus!

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