Holy Cow....

 I have just realized that Titus is Growing up. I was putting him in Bed the other night and almost started crying cause he's not a baby anymore... He is turning into a little boy. He is now going to sleep easier, eats everything we give him. He LOVES Orange juice. He climbs on anything and everything. He gives Hugs and kisses. His Smile is to DIE for. He still likes to cuddle (thank goodness). Titus loves to help around the house, he will "help" pick up his toys, and the will close the Dishwasher & the Fridge. I cant believe he will be 1 on the 29th.
 Loving "Big People Food"
 This Isn't what i looks like. Titus is Coming over to make Henry fell better. 
(I Babysit him every other Morning.)

 Titus wanting to go play in the snow (what little snow we did get)
Look at those Cheeks.
 11 months.
 this was a quick picture. We can't get Him to lay down for very long.
 Love that face. He is Sharing his water bottle.

He has learned how to share but it doesn't last long... And He loves to Play with Henry. 
They Play so well.. most of the time.

As for Mike & I... Mike is starting into his 2nd to last "Class semester" meaning he only has to sit in a class room this semester and the Fall Semester. the other 2 semesters ( summer 2012 & Spring 2013) are internships. He has class early in the morning and is done at the latest at 2 which is kind of nice. It would be better if he didn't have class at 7 or 8 in the morning.
I have started back to work again after the Christmas Break. I have also started watching Henry every other morning for about an hour while his mom & dad go to school & work. I love it cause it gives Titus someone to play with and gives me a break. They Play so well together i just have to worry about keeping them in one room. I just got a new calling as the RS teacher. I Love it (so far) its nice to finally have something that i have to study. it helps me study everyday and helps me understand things better. I am also the assistant ward organist. 

so Far with my new goals i have done a pretty good job. our house is clean every night so i can wake up to a nice clean house. I'm working on not wasting time on the computer. (i mean pinterest, facebook & blogs only get updated every couple of mins. it gets kind of old.) 

This weekend we are having Titus' First Birthday party! I am so excited and kind of nervous (I have never hosted a Birthday Party/ dinner Party before). I'll post all about it...


T-Fam said...

Fun sound like you are doing well. I am glad that you like your new calling. I do have to say that would be a hard one for me.

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