introducing: Titus Joseph!

This little man joined our family on Saturday, January 29th 2011 at 1:18 in the Afternoon.

His Story:
                        I went in for our last appointment on Friday at about 2:15. I was first scheduled for a Non Stress Test (NST) because i was measuring smaller than what i should have been. They hooked me up to the machine and checked the amniotic fluid. It was still looking good but when they started checking his heart rate it kept having dips. They started to get concerned because i was so close to my due date. They sent me over for another ultrasound to check the fluid and said it was normal but still wanted to keep an eye on Titus because of his heart rate. 
                        Mike showed up about this time (we had another appointment with the dr but weren't going to make it because they kept me upstairs for close monitoring.) They checked us into the OB Emergency services and an hour later wanted to move me over to labor and delivery to be induced to have the baby just so he was here and safe. I got my IV and dressed in my awesome Gown. 
               By 6:44 they started getting a plan of action underway. They started me on a tablet to induce my labor (cytotec). every four hours i would get another dose that would increase my contractions. By about 8 am i was in labor. They gave me a small breakfast (actually they took it away because they were going to start me on Pitoction), I was in some pain so they also gave me Fentanal.. (that was fun, i was relaxed really fast mike left and came back and i was on oxygen cause i was so relaxed). I was still at a one and having really hard contractions so i asked for an Epidural. After the Epidural i started to go fast. i went to a 4 and then with in an hour i was to an 8. My Epidural hadn't kicked in all the way yet so my contractions where really hard and really painful. I could only lay on my left side because if i layed on my back or my right side Titus' heart rate would drop. By about 11:30 my mom and dad where there and my Epidural started to kick in (finally). about 45 min. later i started to push. Thanks to my determination he was out by 1:18 (my Goal was to have him here before 2 and i did it!) 
 Getting Cleaned up.
 our little man.
 Getting ready to go over to Maternal Newborn.
 Mike holding our really content sleepy boy.
finally getting to eat after not eating for 24 hours. 
Grandpa Loving Titus.
Holding my Little man.
               Sunday Morning came and the Little man and I were doing great. so we figured it would be a good idea to go home.. The doctors tried to convince me to stay but i wanted to get out of the hospital and Titus was doing great. They let us go on one condition- that i call the doctor first thing in the morning and get him in to have his billy rubin (sp) checked.
He didn't like being put in his car seat. But he slept on the way home.
Mike showing off how little Titus is.
Titus 1 Day Old. (grandpa Ivory gave Titus this Tigger)
Checking out this room.
3 days old and already winking ...
& looking so smart.
This Hands are always up by his face and he always Wiggles out of this blankets.
Mike & Titus! My Big Mike & Little Man.


Chelsey said...

That last picture is priceless. Congrats! He is so cute.

Trent, Natalie and Jantz said...

YAY! He is so cute. Now you have your happy family together. He is so tiny in his carseat (I LOVE the carseat print) and on Mike's arm. =D So glad to hear mommy and baby are doing good.

Zeke and Allie said...

He is so cute!! I think he looks like his mom! I am glad everything is going well for you and your new little family!! love ya next time your in price call me so we can hang out!! :)

T-Fam said...

He is so cute. I wish we could see him. Good luck being a new mom. It is tuff sometimes but totally worth it. Love you guys! Enjoy him.