Super bored....

So i am really bored... I don't want to go home an clean (i have to walk home in the SNOW/RAIN)
SO... with the idea from a fellow blogger i am going to post about 

{5 Bathroom Essentials}:

1) my BRIGHT pink Luff-a.

2)Mouth Wash/rinse. i love having fresh breath. Ask mike i brush my teeth every time i leave the house and before i go to bed. floss, mouth wash, tooth paste... tooth brush... MUST Haves.

3)  Hair Spay. I have so many stupid Fly-aways that hair spray is very important. because I'm a poor married college student i don't get to by my Aussie Hair Spray so i have momentarily switched to Suave.

4) Good Shampoo/Conditioner.  now that i don't have super long hair shampoo and conditioner is going to last a while.

5) my Straightener ... i may have naturally straight hair but with a straightener you can do anything... curls straight flipped...

{5 Makeup Essentials}:
1) Mascara. COVER-GIRL.. i love this stuff. it's the only mascara i have used for years.
2)Moisturizer... nuff said.

3) Softlips chapstick... love that stuff mike even uses it.

4) Bronzer i don't remember which one i use... i just got a new one and i LOVE it.

5) eyeliner... pencil not liquid.

{5 Kitchen Essentials}:
1) My World Wide Ward Cook Book... (thanks brown-towns)
2) Crockpot.Saves me so much time :D
3) Rachael Ray Pan... i love this pan... (thanks mama Terry)
4) my Red mixing bowls... they are great for kneading bread.
5) my Syrup pitcher thing. we make a lot of butter syrup at our house.

{5 Bedroom Essentials}

1)My pillow...  i have to have my pillow...
2)I love to sleep next to the wall... but mike likes to steal my spot (and my pillow)
3)Alarm clock.. 
5)our body pillow..

{5 Car Essentials}:

1) Ipod... long trips aren't so bad when we have our Ipod
2) Water.
3) Sunglasses
4) wallet/purse 
5) Lip gloss
I tag everyone that wants to do this.. Its fun to learn what everyones essentials are.

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