it's time for an update... it's been a long time since i have blogged.. Other than finding that we are going to the U not much has happened. We went to Lehman caves with My family... i need to get a few pictures from my mom's camera so i'll post them sometime this weekend.

 Our Picnic


 More Picnic

 Just before going into the caves.

The entrance to the the Cave

Stalactites or soda straws

The Original Entrance

An Awesome room in the cave

Mike trying to get through the Caves

 This one was really cool.
Me being a spaz

 Me and Mike in the caves..

My family learning about the caves

This is a Para-shoot Stalactite
  These Cuties (including Grandpa) didn't go in
My sisters New boyfriend, Alejandro. What a cutie...my sister not Alejandro

 Mike and I have found a place to live in Salt Lake. We are going to be in student Married housing or whatever you want to call it. I found out today that i have gotten into the U and now i need to figure out if i really want to transfer or even go to school. decisions decisions... oh the joys of being in the prime of my life...

Oh i also chopped 11.5 inches off my hair. i donated it for Aggie locks. I'll Post pictures when i get them on the computer.

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Kikal said...

I'm so excited for ya'll! Our friends live in the medical married housing - Genie and Leathen Madsen (he's from Steve's mission and she is Korean). Meet them they are nice. That's awesome you got into the U. Don't go there though, just take Independent Study classes from the Y because it is better ;) JK. Love ya'll and I'm glad things are looking up! And you're going to be neighbors with Russell!! HOLLA!