Short hair, Track and Bear Lake Adventure...

Well to start this off here is my hair cut pictures. 
this is before...
(i really wasn't planning on chopping it off we we don't have a formal "before" picture)

and this is after... i donated 11.5 inches.

this is the back... it's an A line cut.
This is was a few weeks ago.. my sister Kacylia had a track meet in Price so Kenna and i went to check it out while Mike hung out with his brother who is in Utah for the week. his brother was interview for a job and Salt Lake and He got it so when we move to Salt Lake we will have people to hang out with now...

Me and Kenna chillin
my sister Karina and her friends. they were so entertaining .

Me and Kacylia. 
oh how if love this girl. 
She went to her Jr. Prom this week and
was crowned 2nd attendant.

Hanging out with Christa, Russ, Em, and Banana .
Miss Banana being cute
This weekend we stayed in Logan.. well kind of we went on an adventure to the wind caves with Scott, Amie and Little L. After our hike Mike and i went to Bear Lake for a Raspberry Shake.
At the Top of the wind caves. 
The Awesome View
from the Top cave
Mike and i "on the cave"
Scott and Amie with Little L. 
Mike being cool.
looking back to the Caves.

Mike taking random pictures of me like always.
Chillin at Berrrrr.. Lake. 
(look at my calves)
Mike being Awesome at Bear Lake
Me Being cool at Bear Lake.

Bear Lake

Yummy Raspberry Shake in Bear Lake.

Down by the Lake
we were scared the "creepers" (spiders) were going to get us or the camera.

Mike Skipping rocks

me just Chucking rocks.

A cool spring we found on the way home
we had to get a picture of the Aggie A before we left.


Zeke and Allie said...

I love your hair short it is so cute!!!!

Kikal said...

Little Rissa you look adorable and Mike, you're a stud. Good to see you're enjoying life.

dancin' momma said...

Ok, so that's not Aggie ice cream..but it's just as delicious! We can't wait for June!