Last Post from Logan....

Tomorrow we are moving to SALT LAKE CITY UTAH! 
I am so excited: for a new apartment New surroundings, and to start a new chapter in life... 
I am sad to leave: the "town" feeling of Logan, Scott- Amie- & baby L-Corrine, and to leave  our 1st little apartment (I really didn't love our first place but i didn't mind it..)

last weekend... (not mothers day weekend but the weekend before) 
We went to price to see Mike's sister from California. We haven't seen them since our wedding. The Girl and Boy have gotten so big. it is crazy. Here are some pictures or our trip.
Grandma Terry and The Girl
The Little Cheesy Girl
The Girl Loves "Nany" Aka Candy
She didn't like me to take her Binky

She isn't Sleeping but she liked to sit on me..

The Boy... nuf Said
The Girl "eating" her Binky

TODAY, Mike and i have been married for a year. It is crazy how time flies.
Here are our top 5 things of this last year:

1.We moved to Logan.
2.We spent a lot of time studying...
3. I got a Kitchen Aid for our Anniversary. (I am spoiled by my Husband)
4. Mike Graduated from Utah State.
5. Mike got into PT school at the U.

We aren't doing much for our anniversary (which is ok.) 
because we are moving, had Graduation, family, and 
Mike starts school next monday...

Pictures of this weekend and our move


Kikal said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mormishmom @ Funky PolkaDot Giraffe said...

Happy Anniversary! It was so fun to see you guys!

Mckenna said...

Hey I had lots of fun moving you guys! I liked your old apartment but this one is way better!!!!!! Well hopefully I see you guys this weekend!!!!! love you guys bye.