Thank Goodness for the weekends!

I just love the weekends! i get to be with mike first of all and i don't have to going to school which is a major plus! This weekend we had a blast just chillin and relaxin. Friday Mike came home and we just relaxed with the families. We ate dinner at with my family and then went to his house to watch the movie Click. (not the best movie kind of dirty but has a good meaning at the end) Saturday was a very productive day. we woke up and worked out then made some breakfast.

i love pancakes and runny eggs. then we went to our sisters Jr. jazz game (they are on the same team). They played the dreaded Helper team. They sadly lost but they did good no matter what the score was. We went shooting with my dad after the game. The Terry's have this thing with Martinelli Sparkling Cider so we went and shot all the bottles. it was so much fun. after the event full morning we TRIED to fix my car window but was unsuccessful. We went on a date to El Saltos and Walmart. (we already act like we are married) it was still fun. After our date we just went back to his house and relaxed. Today (Sunday) we went to church and watched the Superbowl oh and did scholarship stuff.

Our Cute little Niece Bella.

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Kikal said...

Hey, I recognize those plates! And, AMEN to the weekend thing!