Cute Headers

I have this thing where i have to try like every layout before i settle on the one i want so i'm just experimenting with this today :D any Ideas on how to make those cute headers everyone has.


Mormishmom @ Funky PolkaDot Giraffe said...

I make them for special family members:) LOL Your picture is darling! Don't forget to send them to me so I can get started on your book! I'm so excited!

Stevie and Meesha said...

Hey you! I do my headers a scrapblog.com! I love that place and it is really fun:) I like you layout for today though, it is very cute! Good luck with everything:) If you need anything let me know!!

Zeke and Allie said...

Hey larissa I love your pictures they are so cute! I dont know if its just me or what but I cant read your writing on your blog? just though I would let you know

The Evans said...

Yeah - you can design your own headers/ scrap pages at:

Sign up - it's free, then create your own. You have to know the tricky way to save it, so here goes....

Save your page and publish it - you don't have to share it.

After you do that, go to the top tool bar and in the left hand corner it says, "file". It looks greyed out, but it's not.

go to export as jpeg. Then another page will pop up, click download. Then open, then it will pop up, click to save (floppy disk pic) on the bottom and save it to your desktop.

Then you just go to customize your page and you can add your header as a picture.

Good luck! Hope all is well with you and Mike!