I really need to Blog

I've been slacking really bad on my blogs so I'll just do a quick one and then I'll get you all caught up on what our Christmas was like and I'll get some pictures up. so we have decided To get Married On May 9th 2009 in Manti. Our Colors are like the best Bright Orange, Yellow and Pink. I'm stocked about all the planning. But I'll keep you up dated on everything. peace.


Jamie and Tom said...

MAY 9!!! That is totally Tom's and my anniversary!! It is a good day :) Hooray! Congratulations!! It is the best, get done with school, then go party. It is great. good choice of date! But yeah Tom and I probably aren't moving out till July or so, so I'm not sure the whole apartment thing will work. There is tons up here though so I'm sure you won't have any problems! You can still get this one if you want to.. haha anyways yay! Congratulations again

Janeal and Brett said...

Congrats! That is so exciting! We are so excited for you two!