i'm a slacker i know

So this is my first post of the New Year and it's already 17 days in. My bad I've been so busy with Wedding planning, school, work and Chillin with mike on the weekends. So as everyone else has posted their new years resolutions i think i am going to follow the trend and do the same.
1. Get Married in May
(I know i can do this one)
2.Read the Book of Mormon
3. Hang out with Megan/family as much as i can
(this will be hard cause I'm moving to Logan)
4.Keep my Room/house Super clean
(Good luck with this one)
5. Be a little less Selfish
(i think this is one everyone needs to work on)
6. Write in My journal Every Week
7.Be the Best Fancie/wife i can to Mike
(at the end of the year mike will determine this)
8.Learn how to cook more yummy foods
(again Mike gets to determine)
9.Laugh a little more
10. Make some new friends

School is going as good as school can go. It's really busy but that is OK it keeps my mind off of things. Work is sad. but hopefully it will get better. Mike is doing good and is working so hard in school and is trying to find a new job so it should all work out for him. By the way My brother just got engaged to Bradi Jeffs. they are getting married April 25th.

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DAVIS said...

You are going to be the best wife! :-) That is fun that you and your brother are getting married around the same time!! :-)