2 more days till Christsmas

Sorry I'm such a slacker. With family and work i haven't had time but i guess i can't say much cause my future sister-in-laws have had time to blog while they are visiting. But we have had a fun filled week. we went to a family Christmas Party and mike meet every one on my dads side (minus a few). The Kids lined up for mike to play with them and they all loved him. He even had to sit on Santa's Lap. Sunday we hung with our families and had a birthday lunch with my dad. It was fun to meet everyone i haven't gotten any pictures of all of us yet but i will no worries. On Monday we had FHE with my family. We took Guitar Hero over to my house and everyone was rocking out! Even my mom and dad. it was quite interesting. Now we are just chillin and having a good old time.
My favorite Picture of Mike and Tyson

My Cousins and Mike

Mike on Santa's Lap

Me On Santa's Lap

Being weird

Caleb and mike (my other favorite Picture)

Paige being Paige

Tyson and Me

Tyson and Mike

Me dancing with Allie

Allie and Me

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