Road Trip Weekend.

School is so lame! I'm sure all of you can agree with me on that. if not there is something seriously wrong with you. I will admit i am only taking 4 classes but they take up all my time. plus work, i go in when i can and when volleyball is over I'll be working part time in the afternoons. sometimes i wonder where the day has gone. but all things considering this week should be a good one. Monday went really smooth. Today (Tuesday) wasn't to bad till i found out some money was stolen out of my car. I wasn't to happy with that and my poor volleyball girls got the brunt of it. (sorry girls) Tomorrow (Wednesday) i get my upgrade on my phone and I'm super excited. My girls also have a game tomorrow in Huntington so hopefully we come out on top. Right now they are 6-1 I'm so proud of them. Thursday i am going on a road trip with my mom to Delta to watch my sister play volleyball and to see Megan before she gets married. Friday i get to go to Provo to go shopping and to a reunion with Mike. it should be really fun. Saturday We are going to Conference with my family and going to chill with them. I'm not sure how Sunday is going to go down but I'm excited. I'll get pictures up from my Road Trip weekend.

Here is my new pic of me and mike. We can usually be found chillin in his basement being retarded, studying, or watching TV/video games/ movies


dancin' momma said...

Oh I miss that basement...Do you freeze to death down there like me?

Unknown said...

oh what a great picture