Busy weeks... what's new?

So my Rode Trip Weekend was so much fun. I got to see Megan before she got married which was nice. (carbon also won their volleyball game.)
Me and my mom at the Delta Game

Friday (October 3rd) i went shopping before meeting up with Mike for his mission reunion. It was really fun to just go shopping by myself for once. The reunion was really good. I enjoyed meeting all the people Mike Served with on his mission. I also got to see my cousin Kiarra! She is so cute.
Saturday (October 4Th) we went up to Conference. Mike came with my family. ( i have to say my sisters really like Mike and get along with him so well) Conference was awesome, i learned a lot and like many others have tons of things to work on. I really liked Elder Worthlins talk about Laughing things off was one of my favorites. He is an amazing man.

Driving up (don't worry we weren't driving my dad was)
Waiting for conference to start
Sunday (October 5Th) Mike and i made breakfast and watched conference at his house. Then we went to my house for dinner with my family. We also studied for a STUPID tests. I made some flipping amazing cookies (if i do say so myself).

They were so good.

This weekend was really good also.
Saturday (October 11th) My best friend Megan Sherman got married. I was so excited for her and Steve. They are so cute together. He was so sweet, holding her dress while they walked, holding every door (like always) and Making sure she didn't fall down the hill while they walked around the temple.
Mr & Mrs Huber!
she was so pretty

Sunday (October 12th) was just a good day till Mike had to leave. It didn't help that my other friend was a retard and made him wait and then just said "my mom can take me to Salt lake." it's a long story that i don't want to remember.

wow crazy
SO cute
They are so crazy


Trent, Natalie and Jantz said...

Sounds like you two are always having TONS of fun!!! So Cute---I Love it! I hope all is well with school and life!


dancin' momma said...

oh mckenna...she cracks me up.

Jamie and Tom said...

looks like you are one busy girl! Ok I can't believe megan got married!! AHH she is absolutely gorgeous!! I am so excited for her! That she got married in the temple and everything! It just makes me happy! Hooray for her! Anyways hope you are doing great!

Kikal said...

They are crazy.

Daniel, Stephanie, & Chloe said...

Larissa - you probably don't even know me, but Mike is still one of my favorite friends from high school. I haven't seen him FOREVER! It was so good to hear that you two are dating and you two look so good together and happy! I am so glad that he is with someone cute like you! Tell him I said hi and I best be getting an announcement (if one is coming)! :)