Picutres from Cleveland!

These aren't really in order but these are some pics from My family Cleveland Trip! they are pretty sweet if i do say so myself...and i promise I'll try better at blog-ing. I've been busy........
The N.K. Whitney and Co. Store in Kirtland. This is Emma Smiths Favorite China it was really pretty.
These are the sisters that gave us a tour of kirtland... the one in orange was in courtneys zone the one in white reminded me of my best friend Megan and the one in pink was pretty cool too.
The girls at Niagara Falls i think the Canada side. (referee to other post for story about Canada)
The Indians game. they lost but it was still fun to be there... this is from our first seats.
These are our second seats some guy just gave us tickets and so we went and sat down here also.

Niagara falls the US side... i think we are waiting for my dad here.. but who knows ..
Me and Karina Messing around at Niagara falls. playing chicken on the path thing.
The family at Niagara falls. the hair is kacyila. it was pretty windy and misty.
at the game in our first seats. we looks so interested... it's no fun when your not taking stats
the N.K Whitney Store. it was pretty cool.
The Hill cumorah. it was pretty cool.
at the Palmyra temple... we are looking at the temple here...
i don't know what I'm doing but it looks cool. this is on the Smith family farm on the temple grounds
Niagara Falls Canada side
Taking Pics like always...

Talking to a sister missionary. she was pretty cool too. my grandma tried to hook her up with my brother.
The sacred Grove.
Again in the sacred grove
Hill Cumorah
The sacred grove
Fayett New York
The Smith's log home
The temple from the smith farm
The upstairs of the smith home

Liberty Bell
Independance hall
Susquehanna River Site
Skippin rock on the Susquehanna River
Kacylia me and my mom

The washington temple
Fort Mchenry

The US capital

National Monument


my sisters me and my brother with the capital in the back

The capital again

The National Monument

THe national monumnet

Arlington cemitary

DC Metro

Waiting for the metro

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