Welcome home Elder Ivory

He is finally home after two years. Elder Courtney James Ivory has been home for about 2 days now. Surprisingly he hasn't changed all that much. he is a little shy but i think he will grow out of that after he gets use to everything. things are going crazy cause I'm not the oldest anymore so it's weird that i don't get to take over everything. i mean i still do cause I'm the oldest girl but anyway that didn't make much sense.

Most of our family is come down to see him and to chill so we went swimming at the wave pool cause the little ones have never really been. little macey found it interesting. Macey was born 2 months after Courtney left on his mission so they have never meet each other till today. she didn't know what to think of Courtney it was cute. she would look him up and down every so often but after about an hour at the pool she warmed up to him. tomorrow is the big "homecoming talk" so the other side of the family will start pouring in. Our little house is going to run over by loads of people.

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dancin' momma said...

Stupid work! We'll miss you, and I'm sure Mike will even more :)